Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two months later....

I really suck at this blogging thing.....I admire and am jealous of people who can do this everyday.....I thought I would have more to say but I really don't...either that or I'm lazier than I thought!

So two months later and all is quiet at 16 Northwoods Circle.......that is Lucy has had no other ear infections, is trying really hard to walk, turned 1 and has a new affinity for frogs.

Sean loves being a homeowner and has had a great time making small repairs (the toilet and the screen in the front door), putting together a grill, buying and filling a deck box and building me a pantry. We even managed to find a little patio set (4 chairs, table and umbrella) for $100!

What else....well, we had two parties for Lucy and were again overwhelmed by people's kindness and generosity. I don't just mean in gifts but I mean in being a part of (one of ) Lucy's (two) parties.

We had a party in Maine for family and family friends and a party in Massachusetts with friends.

In Maine, Jan and Ralph and Chuck and Joy finally got to meet Lucy....was great fun watching them with her. Noni and Papa gave her a rocking chair that she loves and can rock all by herself. The sisters were there and Cooper gave Lucy her first article of camouflaged clothing (a sweet little purple and white fleece from LL Bean). John and Christina gave her the Bee Bop Band in a drum....they thought it would be pay back for the one I gave Jack when he turned's the thing: Sean and I like playing it more than Lucy does and she actually takes it away from us!

The we had a party for her down here with some friends......I was looking around at the people who came to the party  and realized that this group of people has been there for all the important stuff in our life: when we met, got engaged, married, had a baby, christened said baby, bought a house and now here they are eating burgers and hot dogs in our back yard as our baby turns 1.......corny as it sounds it was really quite a fulfilling moment. I don't recall any other point in my life when I truly appreciated the people around me and the life I have created for myself....husband, baby, home...when I turned 30 I was convinced I would never have any of this...Lucky me

Summer is approaching and we've already got a full calendar, or so it seems. One wedding shower down; two weddings, one more shower, one bachelorette party, a sleep test (Sean), a graduation party  a camping trip, and the Folk Festival to go! We still have a couple weekends free so let me know if you feel like hanging out

We're also trying to plan a trip to England in November.....we have not seen Sean's family since we got married and they have never met Lucy.....will be great fun to go as I have never been and I know that Sean is excited for his family and friends to meet Lucy.

Ok listen, I know I'm trying to get better at this but it's getting late and I'm a bit tired.
I'm resolved to, among other things, try harder at being more consistent with doing this but how about for now we call this good and I'll catch you up on more tomorrow?

Maria, the Mum