Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 16th

April 16th, 2012


It's official, you're three

It's 11:47pm and you are sound asleep curled against me in our bed (having wandered in less than 30 minutes ago)
Daddy is snoring his way to dreamland
I've started this on my iPad but will finish it tomorrow at lunch..or maybe the next day or the day after that.
But I will finish it, I promise

7 years ago I thought I was happy, then I met your Dad
5 years ago, I was happier than I had ever been, then we got married
3 years ago, I thought my life was complete, then you were born

You are 3...

You love to eat  
Hot Dogs
Fruit Snacks

You love to watch
Lady and the Tramp
The Lion King
Ice Age
Go Diego

You love to listen to
The Beach Boys
80's music (specifically Gloria, Footloose and Let's Here it for the Boy)
The soundtrack to the movies above
The Beatles
Jack Johnson
Katy Perry and Elmo and Bruno on Sesame Street

You love to
Collect rocks
Study the ants in the yard
Admire Daddy's garden
Swing and slide
Play with your animals
Finger paint
Use stickers
Read books
Be read to
Get as dirty as possible

You love to go to
The playground
The Bank
The Craft Store
The Zoo
The Aquarium
The Farm

We had your party Saturday and it was so much fun
We planned it for weeks -  I handmade the invitations for your friends and spent hours trying to decide how to decorate and what food we should have
We decorated for hours - Daddy and I were up until 1am and Cousin Cooper was up until 11pm helping us
We had tigers and lions and zebras and giraffes and hippos and monkeys and vines and a sign hanging out front point the way to the zoo (though I forgot to have Daddy draw the animal tracks on the sidewalk in chalk...maybe next time)
We cleaned and cooked and Auntie Lou Lou and Auntie Flea showed up in the nick of time and took over helping us pull it all together
Cooper and Daddy filled up lots of balloons - and yes Daddy, we heard you two sucking the helium out of them as well

And Lucy, you chose to wear a dress to your party!!
As a matter of fact, you have worn a dress for four days in a row now! Could be because one is orange and you call it your tiger dress...and Auntie Flea gave you a dress and told you its what a lion tamer wears...and your flowered dress is what a tiger tamer wears...
Could be because you're finally 3

9 of your friends came and the chaos and fun began! There were bubbles being blown, balls being kicked, balloons tossed in the air, a trampoline to jump on, a ball pit to play in, running and and yelling and laughing and giggling

By 2:30, the last guest had left (and the parents thanked us for not only a great party but for timing it so the kids would nap at their regular time and nap hard! I saw three parents yesterday who informed me their kids napped for close to three hours....)
You and Auntie Flea and Cooper laid down and watched the Lion King

By 7, you were sound asleep in my lap and even though Daddy kept saying I should put you in bed, I just wanted to snuggle my still 2 year old a little bit longer....of course Daddy was right and we paid for it later but I wanted and needed that snuggle.....

Your birthday celebration continued on Monday, your actual birth day
Daddy and I took you to school along with 24 cupcakes and lots of hugs and kisses
We arrived to pick you up and found you wearing a birthday crown and a grin from ear to ear
At home, we opened your presents and tried out your new bike.....and you laughed and giggled and sang Happy Birthday to yourself at least 4 times
A trip to Build a Bear with Cousin Cooper, hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill and one last birthday cupcake brought your day of celebration to an end

Tuesday morning, you woke up and asked me if it was still your birthday
No honey, your birthday is all over...
When's it gonna be my birthday again Mama?
364 days I said.....
Oh, ok Mama!!! you responded with a silly smile and without missing a beat, you held up your little finger and declared

I'll keep count!

Maria the Mum


  1. I don't want her to grow up but I kinda, sorta, can't wait for the next party. Maybe by then she'll finally be into Star Wars so we can do a Jedi Party!!!

    1. Star Wars?? I'm not sure about that. Wait til the princess phase kicks in : )

    2. Ban this pal -- princesses rock! : )

  2. What a wonderful birthday tribute. One day she'll be so happy to read this and know exactly how her special weekend was.♥

    1. And even happier when she remembers her Star Wars party years from now…

    2. De: It was quite special - pictures will be posted (hopefully tonight) as my words can't do it justice!

    3. Sean -- pfffffffffffft

      Maria - yayeee!!!! Can't wait to see them xo

    4. Yeah I blocked you on the pictures.

    5. Hey! I Want Pictures...I Want Pictures...I Want Pictures...


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