Cast of Characters

He's Sean,the Dad
I'm Maria, the Mum

He's from England
I'm from Maine

He has a Mum, a Dad, and a sister
I have a Mum, a Dad, a brother and five sisters

We have 3 nieces and 4 nephews
We met, fell in love, moved in together in 2005
Engaged in 2006
Married in 2007
Got Sean a Green Card in 2008
Had a baby and bought a house in 2009
Traveled to England for the first time (as a family) in 2010

She's Lucy, who turns 6 any day now
She walks, she talks, she swims and can stand on one foot like a flamingo
She mimics, she mocks
She giggles and laughs
She gives kisses and hugs and loves to snuggle
She loves puppy dogs, cats
She sings and dances with all her heart

She potty trained herself
Orange is her favorite color
Lions and Tigers are her favorite animal
Someday, she wants to have her own farm and work at a zoo
She loves books more than anything
She can spend hours coloring, drawing and painting and dedicates every piece of art work to someone
She throws the best temper tantrums ever
And do not make her angry; you will not like her when she is angry

We call her Birdie, Boo, Monkey, Munkadoodle and Lucy Goosey
We do a lot of laughing, a bit of crying and a whole lot of learning as a family.

You can learn more about me here or here....and if that doesn't cover it, or you want to know more about Sean and Lucy, just ask.