Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are Squirrels Catholic?

Conversation I had with Lucy as we walk from Sunday School down to Church:
Me: How was Sunday school Lucy?
Her: Mumma! Did you know God is everywhere?
Me: I did
Her: Mrs K took us for a walk outside, God is in the trees and the flowers and the animals….God is even in the friggin’ acorns! He’s in the acorns!!!!
Me, with a chuckle: Yes, He is indeed everywhere but please don’t say friggin’ honey
Her: Sorry Mumma….hey if God is in the acorns, does that mean squirrels are Catholic?
Me: ……..

Conversation I had with Lucy about her day at School:
Me: Hey Lucy, did you have music today 
Her: Nah, we had health, we have music next week
Me: Oh, who is your health teacher again?
Her: Ms so and so...but she changed her name....I forget her new name 
Me: She changed her name? Why?
Her: 'cause she got pregnant....yep she's pregnant, with a baby 
Me: Pregnant with a baby??? opposed to pregnant with....
Her: You know, not a baby....
Me: .......

Conversation I had with Lucy on our way home from Swimming
Me: Lucy, you looked so strong in the water today – you were doing a great job with the strokes Miss Casey was working on with you
Her: Yeah, I’m thinking I might be in the Olympics
Me: The Olympics?
Her: Yeah, you know the Olympics when you can get a gold medal?? I wonder if it’s actually a chocolate gold medal that would be awesome
Me: ……..

Conversation I had with Lucy in the bathroom at the Airport in Texas
She was singing as she took care of business – I was in the stall next to her
Me: Luce honey, could you maybe turn the volume down a bit there pal?
Her: But I sound so good in here Mumma and I like singing
Me: I know honey but there are other people in here
Her: There are?
Lady’s voice: I think just me, and I like your singing
Lucy: Thanks! I take request if you want to hear anything
Me: ……..

Conversation I had with Lucy about what she wants for Christmas
Her: Mummy! I already know what I want for Christmas!
Me: You do?
Her: Yep; an air hockey table, Foosball and checkers!
Me: Wow – that’s a good list
Her: Yeah, I’ll tell Santa next time I see him
Me: Next time you see him? What…when….wait, do you see him now Luce?
Her: Well not right this minute but yeah, I see him sometimes
Me: Really?
Her: Yeah
Me: When?
Her: I don’t know, we had lunch together a while ago – you were at work
Me: You had lunch with Santa? He just picked you up and the two of you had lunch
Her: Yep, at the 99, we had the grilled cheese

Me: ………