Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I almost forgot...

Ever evolving Lucy has also figured out the following:

How to hold her own bottle:
To her Dad's delight, Lucy can hold her own bottle...Mummy will be delighted when she can boil the water, measure the formula, shake it up and pour it for herself...

How to pop the binky:
She has figured out how to pop the binky in and out of her mouth with no assistance. So when she's bored, she just pops it in and out of her mouth for no reason.....sometimes she chews on it or puts it back in her mouth backwards....

How to do crunches:
She's really trying to sit up but it looks like she's doing crunches.....that is she'll be lying on the changing table and lifts her head up and tries to raise her upper body but halfway up, she sort of hesitates, holds the pose for a few seconds and drops back down....she does the same thingwhen she's in her bouncy chair and car seat......looks like she's doing last someone in this family is exercising

Now did it work?

9:09 on 9/9/09, now did it work?

9:09, 09 09 09

I was trying to post at 9:09 on 9/9/09...did it work?

Lucy Update

Lucy is fine - she has recovered from her UTI and is settling into a routine with day care and weekends with Mum and Dad

We spent some time up in Maine with Noni (Papa and Sean were getting their folk on at the AFF) We went shopping (though Noni took everything out of the cart we put in.....come on Noni, everyone needs a big wooden apple) and took a drive down to Hancock to see Uncle John and Aunt Jane and to meet Lucy the puppy dog.....who Lucy the baby loved! Lucy the puppy dog licked Lucy the baby who laughed and grab at Lucy the puppy dog who was smart enough to move quick...but she always came back to see Lucy the baby who did not take her eyes off that puppy dog....Lucy the baby may have gotten a couple licks in as well.....

Friday night, we went to the Folk Festival - me, Lucy and Noni. We walked around a bit (to the food court), visited with Mrs Smith and her grandkids (they were working at the Festival) and then saw the University of Maine Marching Band (they opened the Festival with a parade)
Then we got Kettle Korn and a blueberry smoothie and Mummy (that would be me) was done getting her folk on so we went home.

We also saw Aunt Marie and Uncle Bill - too short of a visit but it was nice to see them. Nanny Shelia came down to Noni's and made us laugh and Ruth Ann stopped by as well. We got to see Auntie Cheetie, Auntie Flea and Uncle Jeff for a few minutes but again, they were folking out so not a lot of time to visit. Auntie Melissa showed up on Saturday and we immediately took her to Church.

Lucy started rolling onto her belly a couple weeks ago and now has perfected said act. She can actually now roll left or right, back to tummy, tummy to back and the other day, just for fun, she kept rolling to her right until she made it to the other side of the room! One morning, I went into her bedroom and she was up on all fours in her crib.... She's done that a couple times now - I mean she ends up falling like a newborn calf trying to figure out how to walk but it was still pretty cool to see her get herself up like that.

Birdie has also started eating cereal - and she is officially an over eater! No, just kidding.....but she does have a healthy appetite and is growing and gaining weight just as she should be. She takes cereal in the morning along with a bottle and cereal at night with another bottle....and of course her three-four bottles in between. I think this weekend we'll move from rice cereal to oatmeal or barley...and then its on to vegetables. I have it in my head that I will make her baby food....I'll let you know how that works out (if I'm not mistaken, I'll be all gung ho about it for two weeks, make more baby food than she could ever consume, end up throwing some of it out and then resort to buying jar food)

Lucy has also started to laugh - which occurred right about the time she found her feet and toes and discovered she could get said feet into her mouth....we now spend as much time as possible trying to make her laugh..including but not limited to using funny voices, making funny faces, singing silly songs, dancing (me not Daddy), making up stories and planting raspberries any where on her body. If that doesn't work, we at least know she'll laugh when we change her poopie diaper and start dry heaving - that's pretty funny to her.

She has outgrown all her 3 month clothes and her little feet are so chubby that her socks pop off within ten minutes of being put on. Only her arms, legs and feet are chubby - she has a long thin torso like her Dad...and kind of biggish ears....but that could only be because she has such a small head. And its perfectly round unlike my melon shaped head (and by melon I don't mean a nice round honeydew but an oblong watermelon). Her eyes have stayed blue....and they really are quite pretty - big, round, steely blue eyes that seem to twinkle and smile at you when you need it most.

We took her to the beach over the weekend and the water was warm enough to dip her toes all accounts she enjoyed it and was intrigued with watching the water come in and out - she didn't even mind the sand between her toes....looking forward to getting her in the water next summer.

So Little Lucy is growing, changes every day and always has a little impish grin on her face...hmm, wonder where she gets that from?....?

Maria, the Mum