Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Can someone please explain how I'm the jerk in this situation?

So I've been walking around like this since Saturday

Not the end of the world, and I'll recover but it is hard not to notice I am currently one handed

This morning, someone asked me to move a couple computer components around because I'm the "IT person" (which I’m not)

I stared at the person blankly

The person stared back

Can you do it today I was asked

I continued to stare in muted fashion at said person

The person stared back

When I still said nothing, the person said to me

So I take this to mean you are unwilling to help?

No I said, I’m willing to help, are you?

Their response?

You know, you really should try to be a bit more considerate when people reach out to you for help

You’re right I said

So I crawled around on the floor undoing cords and cables then asked the person to move the tower and monitor for me

Can’t you just sort of push it?

Well I said, it’s a bit heavy and I’d rather not drop it or you know, hurt my hand any more than it is

Never mind, the person responded in that tone that says I don't even know why I bothered asking you, I’ll get someone else to do it for me

I just need you move the tower for me  

You said the tower AND monitor 

Yes, I did  - you're right - sorry 

Never mind, I'll just get someone else

Can someone please explain how I'm the jerk in this situation? 

Totally fine if I am, I just need to know the logic behind the argument  

Oh and by the way, I moved the tower myself...AND the one has yet to notice

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Yesterday, I had a meeting with a professional
That is to say he was in a suit and tie

And he went by Joey
Which is so wrong in my head

Joey is my brother's best friend from grade school

Joey is the guy at the end of the bar buying shots for everyone

Joey is the guy you call when you need someone who knows someone who knows someone

Joey is the uncle who teaches your 10 year old son how to penny a door, lets your 5 year old daughter paint his nails, gives your teenage son a Trojan for his wallet and shows up when your teenage daughter is getting picked up for a date looking menacing and making idle threats for no reason

Joey not should be wearing a suit, cuff links and Armani shoes

Joey should not be driving an Audi and have so much responsibility

Nor should he be shorter than me and balding