Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Confidence, Progress, Go Away, Fin, Noggin, Duuuddde

Self Confident
While on the changing table being dressed, she looks at me and says Mama, I'm beautiful

While on the changing table getting a clean diaper she informs Sean, Daddy, I'm cute

While sitting at the table eating lunch and entertaining us (she had us laughing pretty hard) she says, in between giggles, I'm funny

While driving home from school the other day, I asked Lucy a question about what she did at school...She said we counted Mama and I'm smart

Progress Report
A couple weeks ago, we received an evaluation from day care on Lucy

....Lucy sings and dances with great enthusiasm

....Lucy is very good at brushing her teeth and will offer assistance to other students who are struggling or not sure how to do it

......Lucy, at times, can get a bit over stimulated but is easily calmed down with a story

......Lucy is very good at expressing her feelings and emotions and lets us know just what she is thinking

......Lucy knows what she likes and does not like and is able to communicate that to us

Go Away Mama!
Lucy is on a Daddy kick right now (but no, they've never bonded). Usually I give her her bath, dress her for bed, give her her medicines and then leave them to read a story. But lately, she does not want me for anything except to dress her...and that's only so Daddy can read her a book while she's being tended to by her Lady-in-Waiting.

Last night, I was in the bathroom attempting to get her into the tub when she yelled
No no Mama! Go away! I want Daddy!

So Daddy took over and I'm guessing he gave her a talking to because when her bath was over, she yelled for me to come get her out of the tub. I walk into the bathroom and Sean says Lucy, what do you have to say to Mama?
Lucy, still sitting in the tub and looking like a little drowned mouse sticks out her bottom lip, drops her chin to her chest and looks up at me from under her eyelids (you know what I'm talking about, that puppy dog face), clasps her hands together and say in the sweetest little voice Sorry Mama...I love you
It's okay Lucy
And with a giggle she says OK Mama! hops up and waits for me to hoist her out of the tub.

As I carried her into her room, she wrapped her little arm around my neck and said Mama dress me?
Yes baby, Mummy will dress you
OK, then go away and Daddy and I read?

Fin, Noggin, Dude
Ever seen Finding Nemo? You know the part where Squirt (the little turtle) and his Dad Crush do Fin (they bump fins), Noggin (they bump heads) and then step back, look at each other and say Duuuddeee....?

Lucy does that with us...
Fin (we bump elbows)
Noggin (we bump heads)
DUUUDDDEEE (we lean in with our head tilted like we're going to touch heads but don't)

Maria, the Mum