Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yesterday a Toddler, Today a Panda


Today you are a Panda!
A what?!?
A Panda!

You are officially a preschoooler and today is your first day in Pre-School I, as a Panda, that’s the class mascot (In Preschool II, you become a llama!)

Every time I said you're a Panda, you'd correct me and say
No Mama! I a Polar Bear!
You desperately want to be a Polar Bear right now

We found out a couple weeks ago you'd be making the move and our first reaction was we’re not ready for this!!!! How can she be in preschool already, we just got to Toddler III!!! No no no!!! Stop growing up!!!

Funny how as parents the first thing we think about is us....not about you but about how you're milestone impacts us.....I know that sounds terribly selfish but believe it or not, it is harder for us to let you grow up then it is for you to actually grow up...so let me apologize in advance for the next 16 years and the way I'm pretty sure we will embarrass you at every school function we attend, your graduations, your proms and whatever else may come up.,....I'll apologize for your wedding day in a few years....

Anyway, from the moment we found out you would be moving up, okay, maybe not "the moment" as we spent a day in shock in denial, we’ve been talking up preschool:

We've been talking about how you’ll be with all your boys again (Jack, Nathan, Rye-guy, and Alex)
We've talked about how Caiti is going with you so you won’t be alone.
We've talked about how much bigger the room is, that there are more books AND, that now you get to be on the BIG side of the playground!!!!

This worked until you asked what about Rika and Ali, which was about 3 minutes after we talked up preschool

My Rika and my Ali come to preschool too Mama?
Oh honey, well, no...Rika and Ali will stay in Toddler III; the other kids still need them

You pondered this for a moment and came back with this:

But Mama, if I in Toddler III and I going to preschool and Rika and Ali are in Toddler III, then they go to preschool next too!

You stumped me Lucy....at 2.5 years of age, you have logic all figured out and I got nothing.....all I could do was rumple your hair and tell you you were going to be a great Panda...and you corrected me and told me you were going to be a Polar Bear

I'm not worried about you moving up Boo; neither is Daddy. We think you'll do great and the new challenges are just what you need.

Having said that, I know how much you love Rika and Ali and I know how hard it is going to be for you to leave them....they have given you so much over the past 8 months: love, guidance, discipline, routine, laughs, more love, hugs and kisses. They have set an incredible example for you...one that Mummy and Daddy appreciate and respect.

They give you everything they have........Ali brings you library books that you gobble up and Rika gives the best hugs. They both encourage and foster your love of "reading" and marvel at your love of animals. They admire your T Shirts (Ali loves the play doh one) and your stuffed animals....and it makes them laugh that every stuffed animal has its own unique name (Percy Penguin, Mickey Moose, Wilbur Whale, Puppy Jack)

Monday, I dropped you off at school as Daddy was sick (poor Daddy you said as you stood next to the bed and rubbed his cheek. Mama, what wrong with him you asked me. He's got a cold Lucy, he'll be ok...Be brave Daddy you told him as you patted his hand before paddling out of the room....)

On the way to school, I talked up preschool and being a Panda...you weren’t buying it.

You never cried but you begged and pleaded in the softest saddest little voice

Mama please! I just want to be with Rika and Ali! I love them Mama
Mama please, I just want to be a Toddler 3, not a Panda!
Mama I'll miss Rika and Ali...I need them...please Mama?!?
Mama please let me be with Rika, I promise I'll be good

I was fine until that last one, and then admittedly, a tear slipped down my cheek

I reminded you I loved you and that your move to preschool is not a punishment.....it’s just part of becoming a big girl. Moving up means its time to learn more about animals, and how to write your name. Moving up means new friends, more books to read, and new toys to play with.

You tried to reason with me

Mama, Rika can teach me to write my name and Ali brings me books!
Mama please, I just love them so much!

You walked down the hall with a brave face but when you heard Rika's voice in the next room, your bottom lip quivered...so did mine. I put your things away excitedly showing you your new cubby, pointing out your name and birthday on the wall.

You just leaned against the wall listening to Rika and Ali laugh.

Mama they having so much fun, I miss them...I need a Rika hug.....
Mama! I need Rika and Ali...Mama Rika wants me! She's callin' me Mama!

You tried to open the door and I tried to distract you pointing out the new things in the room

The teachers and kids were over in Pre-School II and I tried to get you to go see them….but you just looked longingly at the door and craned your neck trying to catch a glimpse of Rika or Ali out the window

Lucy I can see Miss Barbara...you met her last week and we really liked her...and she has a turtle called Teddy!

You looked me in the eye and said

Rika has THREE turtles and I like Rika the best!

I kept plugging away Luce! I talked about how great Miss Lynne is...and we know she has to be great because she's Kylie's Mom and taught Kylie how to be a teacher and we loved having Kylie as a teacher....

Rika is a good teacher Mama, so Ali!

I was sinking fast

So I told you Miss Andrea and Miss Stacey are so excited to have you in their class...and I bet they can’t wait to see which books are your favorites

Ali knows ALL my favorite books Mama!

Oh Boo...all I could do was reach down and hug you. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a bucket full of animals.

Lucy, I whispered, I see some animals....
Where Mama?

I pointed and you wandered over. You pulled the basket out and looked...

Mama! They have a polar bear! And a lion! And a elephant!

Lucy! Look at all these books over here!
You came over and marveled at all the books that were at your level....

What do you think, I asked, ready to give preschool a try?
A nod gave me the incentive I needed to take your hand and walk next door to Miss Barbara’s room

Miss Barbara immediately knew you were a bit emotional and distracted you with all the things in her room. You were captivated for a moment and I leaned down to kiss you goodbye when you looked up at me and whispered

I miss Ali, I miss Rika...I love them Mama

I know honey, and I'm sure they miss you too. But be brave....ok? Rika would want you to be brave and have fun in preschool

You muttered OK and turned your attention to some beans in a bucket
I kissed your head and told you to have a fun day

You went off with Caiti and Miss Barbara and for the first time in over two years, since your first drop off at your first day care, I cried on my way to work.

I felt terrible for you Lucy! You love Rika and Ali so fiercely and I know this move is hard and makes no sense in your head right now.....and I know that within a few days, you'll not be looking back but today, today it hurt me as much as it hurt you....

I wish I could tell you this is the worst thing you will ever have to deal with....that this is the worst you will ever feel.....but I can’t and its not

What I will tell you is I love you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and I could not be more proud of you...or more proud to be your Mum....same goes for Daddy

I can tell you Rika and Ali love you as much as you love them and they miss you too

I can tell you the impression they made on you, weather you realize it or not, will be with you for years to come and as your Mum, for that I am grateful. They set the bar for the expectations you will have for people in your life....I could not pick better examples to live by

I can tell you leaving behind people you love with all your heart, or being left behind, hurts more than anything in the whole world...but you will always have someone to hug and love you....because you will always have Daddy and I….never forget that

I will tell you that though you may be happy with where you are in life and who you have in your life, there is always room for new and more friends....welcome them as you want to be welcomed

I can tell you Lucy that as you move through life, cherish the experiences and people whose path you cross and whose paths cross yours....and learn from them...learn the good, the bad, the fun and the sad...and be thankful for it

I will tell you that new places, new people, change, is scary and unsettling....but sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do for yourself

And I will tell you, remind you, that the love your Dad and I have for you is unconditional....even if you come home and tell me you're a Democrat, my arms will always be open for you.....you come home a Yankees fan, all bets are off

Lastly Lucy Ellen, I will tell you that whatever life, whatever God has in store for you, I know you will handle it with grace, humility, charm, humor and love.....make yourself proud and that will make Daddy and I proud........

I am, today, tomorrow and always,
...loving you to the moon and back,
...proud to be your Mum,
...hoping that you keep God in your thoughts as he keeps you in his

Love Mummy

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Holding out for a Hero

You guessed it, a Mama Kat writing prompt: #5 Write about a childhood hero

I'm not convinced I had a hero as a child.....I'm not sure I knew what a hero was.
But there was a long list of people I emulated (not that I knew what emulated was as a kid but, I knew I wanted to be just like these people)

I was sure that when I grew up, because I wanted to be, I would be just like......

Nancy Drew: she was smart, pretty, drove a convertible, she solved crime and mysteries....and her friends had cool names (Bess and George, does not get cooler than that) and, her house had a library in it with built in book shelves and all

Harriet the Spy: she wore glasses (like me), she kept a journal, she had a nanny, she lived in the city and, she was a spy

Anastasia Krupnick: she had a cool name, kept a journal, lived in a tower room and wore glasses...a tower room...how cool would that be

A nun: I loved Church and Sunday School. I may have been the only kid who looked forward to Sunday. And at one point, I remember making the decision to be a nun...it may or may not have been shortly after I watched the movie Song of Bernadette. I think I wanted to talk to God, I wanted to understand what he had in store for me and I also wanted to know if he could stop the world...not from spinning...I wanted him to stop time rather than the world...I still do....anyway, I figured if I were a Nun, I'd have more clout with him.....but then, I found out if I were a nun, I could not be.........

John Travolta's Girlfriend: Nun's cannot have boyfriends....I did not know this at the time but when I found out that nun's could not have boyfriends (Sister Catherine boxed my ears for asking), I decided that dream would have to wait as John needed me....I don't even know if he had a girlfriend at the time. All I know is I saw Grease and fell in love. And, I had this shirt:

Who would not want to be this man's girlfriend?!?!?! I was in the third grade and I was convinced John Travolta would wait for me...he did not but, I'm pretty sure he bought his summer home in Maine because he knew I lived there and maybe, just maybe he would bump in to me

Mrs Hooper: she was my first grade teacher. And she wore turtlenecks, pretty necklaces, long skirts, had short hair and glasses (like me) and she was the best teacher. And she loved reading......and, she let me read ahead and, she told me it was okay I could not draw as well as the other kids because I read better than they did.... I wanted to be a teacher because of her...part of me still does

Mrs Capen: Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. When I was in Jr High, I was a student volunteer at the public library which was attached to the school. Mrs Capen was the new librarian and I was the first of her volunteers...I did it all 3 years I was there. I'm pretty sure she was a divorcee. Anyway, I was a student volunteer and just adored her. The other kids thought she was mean...she wasn't...she just did not put up with their antics because frankly, she did not care who your parents were, she was not going to let you do what you thought you should be able to do.
She knew ALL about books and she let me read whatever I wanted...she would encourage it. And I could talk to her about any book I had read....I don't think I ever read a book that she had not read...amazing. And, she would let me read the new books the library got even before they were put on the shelves. Plus, she talked to me, not at me but to me and with me....and she talked to me like I was a grown up not a kid...and, she knew all the good gossip in town about EVERYONE (and she did not even live in our town). She was awesome...I totally wanted to be her when I grew up. I think she may still be there at the old public library.....I wanted to be a librarian because of her....part of me still does

Margaret Chase Smith: it was hard to be a young girl in Maine and not want to grow up to be Margaret Chase Smith. She was the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress (first as a Representative then a Senator) and she was the first woman to represent Maine in either capacity. She was a Republican, and until 2011, she was the longest serving female in the Senate. She had great hair, wore pearls and even had her face on a stamp. She was witty and wry and stood up to Joseph McCarthy (if you don't know her Declaration of Conscience, I strongly encourage you to read it)
She challenged John F Kennedy as a peer and as President and among the other classy things she did, she placed a rose upon JFK's old Senate desk the day after his assassination.
She was Margaret Chase Smith.....and is still one of the people I look up to....
One time, I thought I wanted to be in public office because of her...but I had way too much fun my last year in college and in my 20's to ever run for public office

Maria von Trapp his unruly kids (though I don't think he was as handsome or they were as unruly as the movie made them out to be)......and because she escaped the Nazis and opened a ski lodge in Vermont! Who outruns the Nazis, moves to Vermont and opens a ski lodge?!? How can you not admire that? Plus, she could sing, play guitar and was a nun...and, we shared the same first name so it would have been an easy transition to being her

Daisy Buchanan: I read the Great Gatsby when I was probably too young to be reading the Great Gatsby. When I read it years later, I understood it a whole lot better....nonetheless, when I read it in the 5th grade, it did not stop me from wanting to be Daisy. She was always the belle of the ball. She was flirtatious and fun loving. She was sassy and frivolous. She was mysterious, full of money and a dreamer. And she was cynical and flawed and selfish and yet she still captured the heart of a man who adored her...flaws and all

King Arthur: I totally wanted to be King Arthur (but a Queen, and instead of Arthur I was going to be Agnes....I have no idea why I latched onto that name but I did) A castle, Camelot, Knights of the Round Table...seriously, I still want to be King (Queen) Arthur (Agnes)...to have a table full of men willing to do whatever you asked of them....hmm...never thought about that until just now....

Mark Twain: crazy hair, a steamboat pilot, wrote books and essays, had multiple pen names (one being Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass) used naughty language, was wildly funny and satirical, smoked a pipe, was born and then died with Halley's Comet.....Mark Twain was a literary bad ass before we even knew what a literary bad ass was...why would one not want to be Mark Twain?

You know, it is starting to become clear to me why the kids on the bus picked on me....

Maria the Mum

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ode to Joy

Though I missed linking up last week, thought I'd still share
From Mama Kat, Prompt 5: What brings you joy in good time (and bad)? Inspired by Oprah.

Joy: noun: 1. a feeling of great pleasure and happiness; 2. a thing that causes joy

What brings me joy.......

Waking up between Sean and Lucy
Lucy's laugh
Sean's laugh
Clean sheets on the bed
Laundry folded, ironed and put away
Sean's smile
Lucy's smile
A full belly
A table surrounded by loved ones
The sound of Lucy running across a room
The sound of Lucy and Sean talking to one another
Seeing Sean walk through the door each night
Seeing Lucy run across the room to me
Knowing my loved ones are safe and sound and have their health
Being a wife
Being a Mum
10.27.04, 11:40pm
04.16.09, 11:35pm
05.26.07, 1:30pm
Sun Showers
A bowl of blueberries and strawberries
A plate of good cheese, a few figs, a handful of grapes and crusty bread
A full moon in a sky full of stars
Christmas Morning
Lucy holding my hand
Sean holding my other hand
Buying/giving presents for/to other people
The Public Garden
Ice Cream
A clean desk
An empty In Box
Sand between my toes
Sean, Lucy and I together.....happiness.....JOY

Maria the Mum

Friday, January 20, 2012


Conversation at the dinner table last night.......
(preface: we were talking about Lucy's friends who are mostly boys...Caiti may be the only girl she actually considers a friend)

Daddy: Lucy, is Logan your boyfriend?

Lucy: NO Daddy! My Boy is! Brendan!

Daddy: Brendan is your boyfriend?!?

Lucy: (giggle giggle tee hee tee hee) Yeah Daddy! Brendan is my boyfriend!!

Mummy: Do you even know what a boyfriend is Lucy?


If only life were that simple.....

Maria the Mum

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hit It!

See that Facebook 'Like' button up there? Go on…you know you wanna click it…

Friday, January 13, 2012

Girl's Got Skills....all but one....

Do you know what my day job is? I'm the office manager/controller/business manager (whatever you call it in your world) for a $20 million dollar company

I oversee payables and receivables, I monitor the bank activity, I control a $1.5 million dollar line of credit. I have total signing authority on bank checks and company documents. I prepare weekly and monthly financial statements, review job profitability reports, work with our accountant prepping for year end close out and corporate taxes. I file sales tax reports, OSHA reports and register us to do business in states we've never worked in. I've implemented a new software, switched out computers and programmed office phones. I deal with employee benefits, commercial lines of insurance, audits, Union Benefits, and job searches. I can order office equipment, change the toner in the copier and faxes, clear paper jams, and the Unions....

Know what I can't do?

Figure out how to add the silly Facebook LIKE button to my blog

Maria the Mum

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Whatever Shall I do?

As inspired by another blogger I read on a pretty regular basis, Metropolitan Mama, who asked
What are your hopes and dreams for 2012? Let me hear ‘em. Outrageous or Ordinary. GO.

I liked her list because as she noted, all are attainable, do-able, achievable.....maybe not all this year, probably not in this order but I want to do all these things....and some are exactly what you'd expect from me, and some may surprise you as they surprised me.....but here is what I want to do....

I want to: 
  1. Get back to Church on a more regular basis
  2. Finish and maintain the list of books I want for Lucy - the characters and authors I want her to "meet"
  3. Start acquiring said books
  4. Learn the names of the new Red Sox Roster
  5. Forgive myself for whatever transgressions I can't seem to let go of
  6. Take a family vacation - not travel to visit family, not to attend some one's wedding or a family function....I want to take a real vacation - where we spend our days in our swim suits....skip baths and showers, wear the same clothes two days in a row ice cream stains and all. I want to spend our days lounging, reading books, napping, dipping our toes in the water...I want to sit outside as the night falls with our cheeks warmed by a fire and S'mores in our bellies. I want to catch fireflies, collect rocks and vow at the end of the week to return to the same spot next year or the year after for a family vacation
  7. Finally own the perfect black dress
  8. Lose the weight I lost before but seem to have found again
  9. Have professional photos done of Lucy and of us as a family
  10. Start volunteering somewhere - its been many years since I did that, and I miss the sense of fulfillment it brought to my life and the lives of the people I did it for and with
  11. That volunteer work to be something Lucy and Sean can do with me
  12. Keep having a date night with my husband once a month - even if it is just watching a movie after Lucy has gone to bed without folding laundry, dusting, filing or working simultanously
  13. To reconnect with family and friends
  14. Own a house that has a front porch, a library with built in bookcases and a kitchen that is big enough for people to sit in while we cook and bake
  15. Organize the shelf ion the basement and Lucy's craft center
  16. Finish framing and hanging up Lucy's art work
  17. Teach Lucy to ride a bike...and then get new bikes for Sean and I so the three of us can bike ride together...we used to love bike riding
  18. Hang the pictures of family and friend on the walls of the staircase as I keep envisioning in my head
  19. Shannon, over here, has inspired me to consume less this year....I see her challenge...my favorite is her emphasis on experiences versus material goods....personally, I think she is already pretty good at this....you should see some of the places/events she takes her son! Anyway, I'm so with her on this one...I'll work up to the cloth napkins but I am certainly going to be more aware of my consumption levels (let's hope that also spills over to my pizza and ice cream consumptions)
  20. Visit Prince Edward Island
  21. Get published
  22. Take Lucy on a Whale Watch - oh how she loves whales...and seals and dolphins and penguins
  23. Listen more speak less
  24. Be a teacher...is it time for a career change? Or do I want to be a librarian...but in a school...do they still have librarians in school like they did when I was a kid? Maybe I should work in the children's section at a public library....I think what I REALLY want to do is be somewhere doing something to inspire kids to read...to instill in children not just a love of reading but a love for the characters they are reading about, the places they are visiting as they turn the pages of the book...teacher, children's librarian....bookstore....? I want to figure that out...maybe it ties in with volunteer work....
  25. Relax....not like oh, I worked hard today, let me relax...just relax, take a deep breath, look around, appreciate what I see, hear and smell....just relax
  26. Treat others as I want to be treated....tried but true
  27. Stop swearing! I have a terrible potty mouth and it seems to be getting progressively worse
  28. Try running -seriously. I know more people who have taken up running and love it. Now the last time I ran for fun was probably when Annette, Brandon and I would run from the car to the bar every Friday after work but I'm thinking maybe I can pull it off...anyway, I know a couple of people have had great luck with the Beginner's Guide 30-30, I think I'll give it a go
  29. Get Sean the desk he wants for his work space at home
  30. Go to the Lake District in Northern England and see where Beatrix Potter lived
  31. Go back to Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, and see the Outer Banks
  32. Go to Cape Cod
  33. Go hang gliding...inspired by none other than watching episodes of Go Diego Go...odd I'd like to do this given my fear of heights and flying
  34. Go on a cruise
  35. See the sunrise and the sunset on the same day at the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park
  36. Hike to the top of Cadillac
  37. Stay on Moosehead Lake for a week
  38. Learn how to take a good photo...from behind the camera
  39. Make Sean his favorite dinner for his birthday or our anniversary....even if it is liver and onions
  40. Turn 40 with dignity and pride 
And that, I think, is a good stopping place.....though I reserve the right to tweek, maintian and edit

Maria the Mum

    Christmas Past

    As inspired by Mama Nash, a blog I stumbled upon quite awhile ago and enjoy reading as her style and wit are endearing: Tell me, what will you remember about Christmas this year?


    There are so many things I will remember about this Christmas....so many things I will remember and think of fondly for years to come because of you

    I will remember this Christmas because you were as excited about Baby Jesus as you were about Santa

    I will remember this Christmas because we stayed home and celebrated as a family of three

    I will remember this Christmas because of Peter the Elf on the Shelf and how you came tearing down the stairs every morning to find him....and would screech with delight when you spotted him

    I will remember this Christmas because you wrote your first letter to Santa and he wrote back

    I will remember this Christmas because you me baked and decorate cookies....and you ate least 5 heaping spoons of frosting before I realized what you were doing....never mind the countless scoops of raw cookie dough you ingested while I wasn't looking....and the M&Ms you kept picking out of the cookies...and the Hershey Kisses you pulled off the peanut blossom cookies....

    I will remember this Christmas because on Christmas morning, you were hopping around the room so excitedly you fell into the tree...and Daddy managed to snap a picture just as it happened

    I will remember this Christmas because when we went to the Live Nativity in Rockport, all you wanted to do was see Baby Jesus....and you were worried he would be cold

    I will remember this Christmas because you learned the words to Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frost the Snowman....and you sang them over and over with more enthusiasm with each rendition

    I will remember this Christmas because all you wanted was animals....when asked by anyone what you wanted for Christmas, you replied simply and honestly, animals. Your love for animals (except turkeys) is so endearing Lucy, I hope you never lose that

    I will remember this Christmas because when you descended the stairs on Christmas Morning and saw the Lion and Tiger staring back at you, you simply said Oh, Hello....and then sank down between the two of them and gave them their first hugs

    I will remember this Christmas because on Christmas Day, it took hours to open your gifts - not because there were so many but because you kept stopping to stand back and say This all for Lucy? I so lucky Mama! and then you would giggle and grin and spend the next 30 minutes looking at the books you just opened, playing with a toy you opened or taking inventory of the animals you received

    I will remember this Christmas because when we put you to bed on Christmas Eve and explained Peter the Elf would be going back to the North Pole with Santa, we had to get you out of bed, take you down stairs and stood in front of the tree for 10 minutes saying good bye to Peter the Elf

    I will remember this Christmas because even Daddy and I grew attached to Peter the Elf....and we miss him

    I will remember this Christmas because when we asked you what you were going to name your Lion and Tiger, you said Peter....both of them we asked? Yeah you replied....and when I asked you how you would know which Peter was which, you looked at me and said quite simply because one is a Tiger and one is a Lion Mama! Peter the Lion and Peter the Tiger...! Silly Mama!

    I will remmebr this Christmas because of our ride on the Polar Express....and even though you came face to face with Santa, you did not loose your cool - you were more impressed with your bell than you were with meeting Santa

    I will remember this Christmas because you said good morning to the tree every day as we made out way to the table for breakfast....and each night as you went up to bed, you bid the tree a good night....and you were genuinely sad when we took it down

    I will remember this Christmas because as we dumped the reindeer food in the back yard for Santa's crew and set out cookies for Santa himself, you declared it necessary to test the cookies to make sure they were good enough for Santa

    I will remember this Christmas because you were concerned about the lack of snow...not for Santa's sake but Frosty's....how could Frosty come to life with no snow you asked....Even if he has the hat, you observed, what about his body....

    I will remember this Christmas because as we were making gifts for the endless list of Aunts and Uncles, you looked at me and said Mama! I love doing stickers for everyone....Aunt Lis, Auntie Cheetie, Noni, Papa, Mama, Daddy, Nanny Cynthia, Auntie Mike, Uncle Win...EVERYONE! and you declared it with such love and enthusiasm it made me tear up a bit....you made over 25 ornaments and never complained once...you put as much love and attention into the last one as you did the first one...

    I will remember this Christmas because of your marvel, awe, love, and respect for Santa and Baby Jesus...

    I will remember this Christmas because when you said Santa, you said Baby Jesus in the same breath

    I will remember this Christmas Lucy Ellen because of you and your Dad...because you both bring me so much love, happiness, joy ...which makes up for the gray hair and extra pounds you've both given me...

    Maria the Mum

    I Don't Take Direction Well

    My readership has dropped dramatically since I left Facebook....which has been a severe blow to my ego and as a result, I have not felt like writing.....which has not stopped me from starting at least a dozen posts and jotting notes to myself for future posts....but I have no incentive to finish

    Now, one would think the joy of writing is incentive enough but apparently, I need more...I want more...I crave more...I need external approval and appreciation.....I need validation....look at that, I'm a head case and did not even know (read accept) it!

    So I decided this morning I would finish what I started almost two months ago and create a Facebook page to let everyone know when I posted a blog entry

    So I raced over to Facebook, read no directions, started clicking radio buttons and entering distorted words and numbers into boxes when prompted...

    Now let me just point out that the last time (2 months ago) I tried to create a page, I failed miserably. I tried to convert my Maria page into a Group page, read no directions or help boxes, just started clicking and hitting enter and as a result ended up defriending a bunch of people
    Which then made me mad at Facebook because I could not figure out who I deleted so I left Facebook in a huff...and in the process, I hurt some peoples' feelings...you would think I learned my lesson...I have not

    I created a page all right, but now I have no idea how tell people its there, import or notify my contacts, tell my friends on my other page to come to this page.....I can't get the Like or Subscribe button to show up on my blog page thing, I can't post anything on the FB page.........*blurg*

    Now, I'll have to go home and ask Sean to help me....and I'll be all annoyed because I have to ask for help when really its because I don't have the patience to figure it out. And I'll get all annoyed because he'll figure it out in like mere minutes and if he doesn't, he'll drop whatever he was doing and work on it just to keep me quiet (because I'll moan and complain about how stupid it is and not logical until he is pushed right to the edge) And he'll ask me at some point what I was doing....what he really wants to know is did I read the directions or follow the prompts.....And I'll say can you please just do it (in my exasperated tone) and then he'll just do it and I'll complain about the functionality of it (whatever it may be) as if it is all Sean's fault.......it's how I roll.......poor Sean....

    But soon, I shall have my own group page....and then, I will be discovered....I'm not sure by who or how or what the outcome will be but I have a feeling I am on the verge of being discovered....

    Maria the Mum

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Casting Call

    As inspired by Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop
    3.) Your life is being turned into a movie…who will play your cast ofcharacters?

    In doing this, I realize that I watch way too much TV and way too many movies. But this may be the most fun I have had in a long time!

    I stuck with the main players: Sean, Lucy, myself, my immediate family, my husband’s family…but I think, I may, on a rainy day, cast the rest of the characters in my life because this was loads of fun…..

    Sean: He would love me to say Nicholas Cage because his co-workers have told him that is who he looks a bit like but we all know only one person could play Sean…..Ty Burrell circa Modern Family

    Me: I’d love to say Kate Winslet or Jennifer Garner or Anne Hathaway or Queen Latifah, but I’d be
    more on track with Melissa McCarthy or Brooke Elliot…I was really holding out for Queen Latifah but
    what you can do……

    Lucy : I may let Lucy play herself….she really needs to start contributing financially to this household….and if some law prohibits it, I guess, in a pinch, the kid from Raising Hope though she may be a bit too young…..or Elmo....Elmo could totally pull off Lucy

    Mum: Meryl Strep or Maggie Smith or Dixie Carter would thrill her….but I think she really should be played by either Jane Curtain or Susan Saint James…Meryl is too method. Maggie is too old and well, bless her, Dixie is dead….and I may have said Dixie only because I think my mother secretly wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker from Designing Women…anyway, I think Jane Curtain would be the best fit – Susan Saint James is too tall

    Dad: William Shatner……I don’t even think I’d have to go any further on this one…no wait, James Garner…James Garner as Jim Egan meets Shep Walker (sorry Dad, not as Rockford or Tank Sullivan)

    Brother: Jason Bateman…it just so fits….they look alike, talk alike, have the same mannerisms…my brother is Michael Bluth meets Henry Weston meets David Hogan

    Sister in Law: My first choice was Nia Vardalos….but I really think Leah Remini could pull it off better

    Sister #1: Kate Levering circa Drop Dead Diva – Shannon Doherty popped into my head but that may send the wrong message..oh no wait, Joan Cusack. Joan Cusack could totally pull off this sister….I think Joan Cusack is the winner…she might be too old though…. We could work with the lighting though….Joan Cusack, you’re hired!

    Sister #2: I’m torn between Elisabeth Moss or Thora Birch. Both have that deer in the head light look about them but really, they are a wolf on sheep’s clothing and can take care of themselves….ooh, and Claire Danes….nah, I I’m going to go with Elisabeth

    Sister #2’s Fiancée: At first, I thought Michael Rappaport but he’s a Yankee’s fan…Matt Damon is too Matt Damon and Ben Affleck is not enough Matt Damon…Timothy Olyphant could do it physically but all I can see is Raylan Givens  and the Bad Guy from Live Free or Die Hard (which I’m still mad not a single shot was done in New Hampshire) ….but having said that, Olyphant is the best choice because Timothy Hutton is too old and Jesse Eisenberg is too young…..

    Sister #3: Christina Ricci or Mayim Bialik – I’m sure she’d love me to say SJP but that would be so cliché…..so I think Ricci (circa Pan Am)…I want to say Mayim only because when she was younger, they bore a striking resemblance to one another but I’m not so sure Blossom could play this sister. But Ricci could totally play this sister………….

    Sister #4: Kirsten Dunst (think Virgin Suicides meets Bring it on) or Julia Stiles pop into my head but I think Julia might be a bit too harsh for this sister – and Dunst has this slightly…not innocent, not naïve…she’s just got this little way about her that Sister #4 also has….its endearing and kooky with a bit of don’t fuck with me type of attitude that you don’t quite see at first…I’m going with Dunst…wait, Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly not Covert Affairs….)…..nah, I’m sticking with Dunst

    Sister #5: I didn’t even have to think very long about this one: Linda Cardellini (think Freaks and Geeks)…Margaret Cho on Drop Dead Diva if we were Asian but we’re not........

    I also have 4 nephews and 2 nieces ranging in age from 12-4....the boys could be played by the kids
    from Dino Dan and if it were 1982, my nieces could be played by two of the little girls from the movie
    Annie............or, we could just pick 6 of teh muppets from Fraggle Rock and call it good.

    Mum-in-Law: Charlotte Rampling or Judi Dench…I also thought about Maggie Smith but I think
    Charlotte is the best choice

    Father in Law: If Lionel Jeffries were still alive, (as Grandpa Potts in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) he could
    totally be Colin.…. But he’s not so I thought about Anthony Hopkins but he’s Welsh…and then I
    thought Albert Finney in Big Fish but I’m not so sure….Jim Broadbent (Prof Slughorn and Bridget
    Jones’s Dad) but then I thought of the guy who played Marcus in the Indiana Jones movies but when
    I looked him up, turns out he’s dead…..so Jim Broadbent it is…
    Sister in Law: Geraldine Somerville as Lily Potter – it’s the Mum in her that makes me pick Geraldine…I thought about the girl who played Tonks but I think this is a better fit

    Brother in Law Hugh Grant: Something about the eyes and the Aw Shucks manner they both have…plus, John went and got all skinny….

    I feel somewhat inspired to write a screenplay….or become a casting agent, one of the two…..

    Maria the Mum