Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I almost forgot...

Ever evolving Lucy has also figured out the following:

How to hold her own bottle:
To her Dad's delight, Lucy can hold her own bottle...Mummy will be delighted when she can boil the water, measure the formula, shake it up and pour it for herself...

How to pop the binky:
She has figured out how to pop the binky in and out of her mouth with no assistance. So when she's bored, she just pops it in and out of her mouth for no reason.....sometimes she chews on it or puts it back in her mouth backwards....

How to do crunches:
She's really trying to sit up but it looks like she's doing crunches.....that is she'll be lying on the changing table and lifts her head up and tries to raise her upper body but halfway up, she sort of hesitates, holds the pose for a few seconds and drops back down....she does the same thingwhen she's in her bouncy chair and car seat......looks like she's doing last someone in this family is exercising

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  1. Hi Sykes Family, I need a baby fix. When are you coming to NH? Lucy is growing too fast. Love Maureen


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