Saturday, February 13, 2010

October - February 12

Its February – I haven’t blogged since October….So here’s the Readers Digest Version and I’ll try to do better going forward:

Lucy starts a new Day Care
Lucy gets a double ear infection and starts on antibiotics
Lucy gets a bad bad diaper rash as a result of the antibiotics
Lucy gets the croup
We close on our house
Lucy gets another double ear infection and a new antibiotic
Lucy gets a bad diaper rash as a result of the antibiotics
Lucy gets croup
We sleep in a chair (Lucy and I) almost every night this month as she cries every time you lay her down

Lucy loves her new Day Care
Lucy gets another double ear infection, more antibiotics and another diaper rash
We finish unpacking and settle into our house
Mum and Dad come down for a visit
We try to get together with friends, but Lucy gets sick (just a bad cold)
Then Sean gets sick
Then I get sick
Lucy has another double ear infection
We are still sleeping in a chair
But no croup this month

Sean goes to LA on business
Lucy meets Santa at my company Christmas Party (while Sean is in LA)
Lucy gets another double ear infection and her eardrum ruptures (while Sean is in LA)
We get more antibiotics and another diaper rash
The ear infection does not clear up, it gets worse and……
Then Lucy gets the Croup…….
Mummy has a meltdown because her baby is suffering and no one has gotten a good night’s sleep since October
Lucy gets steroids for the Croup and some super maxed out antibiotics for the ear infection
We spend over $300 in co-pays and prescriptions in 6 days
Lucy starts crawling
We get ready for Lucy’s first Christmas – we pick out a tree and decorate it…Lucy loves the lights
We celebrate Lucy’s first Christmas in Maine; my Dad makes me my own fence for our Family Christmas tree
Lucy no longer eats baby food - she eats what we eat
Carrots and broccoli are her favorite
Noni makes her sweet potato fries while we are in Maine….we now eat them at least three times a week
Lucy cuts two new teeth

We have our first night out since Lucy was born…feels kind of weird not having her with us but was much needed
We go see an ear Nose and Throat Specialist; he says Lucy needs tubes in her ears
The next day, Lucy gets tubes in her ears
We make it almost two weeks without going to the doctor….. But we think Lucy has an ear infection…turns out, she can feel the tubes in her ears and is just batting at them
Lucy masters crawling and can move as quickly or as slowly as she wants
Lucy is back to sleeping through the night in her crib
We are back to sleeping through the night in our own bed
My youngest sister Mikel confirms her wedding date (August 21, 2010) Could not be happier for her and Winston even if he is a Yankee fan
Lucy starts pulling herself up into standing position – her favorite place to do it is in her crib
Sean decides we should try to Ferberize Lucy as her sleeping patterns have been a mess since she started with all the ear infections back in October…Ferberizing sucks
Lucy tries new food – loves Mac and Cheese, loves cheese and crackers, hates yogurt

Lucy gets sick….she runs a temperature for almost four days, coughs and throws up a lot. She is pretty much a walking mucus machine
In one day, I do eight loads of laundry
We stop trying to Ferberzie as Lucy is so sick (I hated it anyway!)
Lucy gets better
Two days later, I notice fluid (pus) draining out of both ears
Lucy has another double ear infection and her right ear has ruptured again
The nurse practitioner thinks that one of the tubes may have fallen out…but there is so much fluid and puss in her ear, she can’t be sure
We get more antibiotics (eardrops) and make an appointment to see the ENT doctor in two weeks – by then we should be able to determine if the tubes are still in her ears or have fallen out
Fortunately the tubes are doing their job and the fluid is at least draining out….looks like waxy glue and has to be cleaned off her ears every morning….she screams every time I do it

And there you have it; you’re all caught up……for the most part.

We are quite happy in our new home – our commutes are shorter, we don’t have to fight for parking, we don’t have to shovel, we have a back deck, a little yard and we’re building equity (I only throw that In because other homeowners I know are always going on about equity; frankly, I could care less about that……I’m just thrilled I don’t have to fight for parking!)

Lucy is almost 10 months, has developed her own little impish personality and makes me smile at least 52 times a day – she makes it all worthwhile.

And later this weekend, maybe I’ll blog some more; but for now, its 12:45am, Sean and Lucy have been asleep for hours and the dryer just went off… I’m going to fold the laundry and head to bed…

Maria the Mum

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