Friday, September 10, 2010

Kettle Korn, The Bloody French, Corky, and Oscar

Going to the Fair
All I'm going to say about the Fair is this:

No Kettle Korn
We missed the Sheep Dog Trials
Rick Charette and the Bubble Gum Band were playing too late for us
Oh, and Lucy almost ate goat poop

Trip Home
Trip home did not take 8 hours like it did a couple weeks ago, only took 5. We broke it up by stopping at LL Bean in Freeport....where some out of control French Canadian kid popped Lucy in the face while his parents watched. Sean confronted the parents, who had no reaction what-so-ever...Bloody French. So we got some ice from the 1912 Cafe and left LL Bean.

The Wonder Years
We have been at Puddle Duck for almost a year and in that time, Lucy has made some wonderful friends and endeared herself to the Staff......but we have been a bit concerned about the environment of late. Teacher turnover has been high, Lucy's been coming home with her diapers on all haphazardly, teachers complain openly about the work environment and at times about one another....and that's just to name just a few things.
So we made the very difficult and emotional (because it makes me cry every time I think about it because I'm afraid we're doing the wrong thing and I'm ruining her life...which I guess as a parent we'll feel like on more than one occasion....but look, I'm new at this so cut me some slack and let me beat myself up for a little bit longer and work through it because I know in my heart, we are doing the right thing) decision to switch to a new day care...The Wonder Years....first one to make a Corky crack gets a slap upside the head.
So if you happen to think of it on October 4th, say a little prayer for Lucy at her new Day Care.

Only caught one, but the traps are still set, I'm not taking any chances

No, we're not talking about me...though we could be because I had a four day grumpy spell....Sean introduced Lucy to Elmo in Grouchland....see Elmo's blanket accidentally ended up in Oscar's can, Elmo went in to retrieve it and somehow opened a door that threw him down a tunnel (which looked like an acid trip) that landed him in Grouchland....and Elmo is trying to find his blanket...I have no idea how it ends (I'm assuming happily) as Lucy of course does not have the stamina to make it through an entire movie yet but it is great fun watching her react to what she sees.
And its been a learning experience because she can now say Oscar.

That's it for now, I'm too emotionally spent to keep writing or even make an attempt at  being witty and funny.......maybe Sunday evening as I'm sure we'll have great fun this weekend....we're going to see my cousin De who I'm terribly excited to "get to know" and I'm sure at some point, there will be a trip to a toy store because I feel terrible about taking Lucy out of her Day Care and I need to compensate...and that is not spoiling her because she is not even asking for anything so just let me do it with no judgement ok? Great, thanks....told you I was grumpy!!!!

Maria, the Mama (because that's what Lucy calls me, that's my handle now!)

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