Monday, October 18, 2010

Hazy shade of sickness

Friday, October 15th

I'm sick with a fantastic head cold that is clouding my judgement (based on what I'm wearing today), making me groggy (based on the pool of drool on my desk I fell asleep for a minutes this morning) and frankly putting me on edge (based on my impatience with poor Lucy and Sean this morning).

In my haze of sickness, I accidentally deleted about 25-30 contacts out of my email
Then, I failed to save a worksheet I had spent 20 minutes updating
And three minutes ago, I sent a BBC form for the bank to one of the Mum's from Puddle Duck
I went to the ladies room and realized that my socks are inside out, so is my underwear
When I got back to my desk, I knocked over my water which spilled on the Bond for the State of CT I had to have reissued yesterday because the GC on the job lost it. I knocked the same water bottle over yesterday on the same bond...

Author's note: I just nipped in to Blogger to write about Lucy's Halloween costume and discovered I started a blog on more nighttime cold medicine for me. Oh and I feel better. I went to bed early Friday  night and Sean covered for me Saturday morning

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