Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions, I is you, Hi Yo, I Did It

I'm still working on the England Blog....but in the meantime, thought I'd share this:

After careful thought and consideration, I have come up with my 5 New Year's Resolutions
1. Once a month date night with husband (even if it’s just pizza and a movie after Lucy goes to sleep....but I won't fold laundry, write out cards or do work while we're watching the movie, I will pay attention to him, I'll even snuggle) For my local friends, prepare to be called upon to babysit. Sean, this Saturday, we have a date, may be too late to find a sitter but we will have a date.......I promise
2. Get out to Tulsa to visit brother
3. I used to stay in better touch with my siblings, I think I should do that again (I'm sure they'll love it) and continue connecting with cousins of all generations and levels
4. Patience is a virtue.....I think I need to work on that virtue
5. I will count to ten....before I respond to a question from a coworker, before I react to a liberal, before I raise my voice, snap at the innocent, rebut the ignorant etc etc

I is you
This morning, I was dressing her for school and her little mouth was going a mile a minute. All of a sudden she looks at me:

Mama! She yells
What Lucy?
You Mummy
Yes Lucy, I'm the Mummy
Yes Lucy?
Daddy is Daddy
Yes Lucy, please put your arm in the sleeve, your other arm, in this sleeve…
Yes Lucy?
I is you!!!
That's right Lucy, you are you....

Ok those last two lines may make no sense to you but here's what they mean: when we would show Lucy pictures of herself, we would say That's you! Sometimes we’d say That's you Lucy but mostly, we just said That's you! So now, when Lucy refers to herself, she is you…we’ve really got to start using her name….

Reach out reach out and touch someone
Lucy loves the phone. When it rings, she starts yelling out names:
Dodo (our friend Donna)

It’s like she’s trying to guess who it is calling…
Anyway, she loves talking on the phone now. And when she gets on there, sometimes she giggles, mostly she just yells:
Puppies? Dodo (in this case her fish)? Nu-now (what she calls cats)?
I love you!
Buh BYE!

The other day, she took the phone off the cradle, bonked me in the face with it and demanded Noni! Papa!
Lucy, it is 6:15am on Sunday we’re not calling Noni and Papa.
Hi YO Noni and Papa!
No Lucy, it’s too early
No no Mummy! She yelled at me which is her way of telling me she does not like what I am saying

Then she threw the phone down and stomped out of the room
Minutes later, I hear her in her room saying
Hi YO Noni. Hi YO Papa. I love you……Hi YO?

I did it!
Lucy got three puzzles from our friends Melissa and Rob for Christmas
They’re wooden chunky puzzles made by Melissa and Doug (some of the best kid’s stuff out there)
She loves these puzzles….as soon as we get home, she grabs all three, lies on the floor with them and starts working away. My favorite is when she dumps the pieces from all three in a pile, lines up the boards, picks up each piece, stands above the puzzles and then inserts said piece into the appropriate cut out….
When she completes a puzzle, she declares triumphantly, raising her arms over her head:


Then she starts clapping for herself and gets to work on the next puzzle

Maria, the Mum

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