Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say What

Time Check
Lucy's is on a kick right now of asking us what time it is
We'll be eating dinner and she'll look across the table at her Dad and inquire
Daddy, what time is it?
Or we'll be playing and she'll stop mid jump on her trampoline, glance towards the clock and ask
Mama, what is it?
A week or so ago, Lucy and I were in the  kitchen and I said to her
Hey Lucy, what time is it?
Without hesitating or missing a beat, she checks the clock, looks at me and says all matter of fact

It's 46 o'clock Mama

I can't drive 55
We were driving home from day care the other night and Lucy was in the back seat singing softly when all of a sudden she hollers
Mama! Mama! You scaring me!!!!!
What honey? What do you mean I'm scaring you?!?

Mama you are driving way.too.FAST....SLOW DOWN... or I'll tell Daddy!

(For the record, I take back roads home and the speed limit is always 35 or below...she yelled at me in the 25 mph zone)

Will someone clean up this mess?
When we drive 95 North, there is wall that stretches for some miles
It was built a few years back during a beautification phase the MADOT was doing
Along the walls, vines have started to grow (I think they were placed there on purpose) and for some reason, this makes Lucy crazy
Almost every time we drive that corridor, she'll look out her window and with annoyance and disgust in her voice say

Mama! The trees are making a mess!!!

We're working on potty training (yes, still...we're not pushing/rushing her) and slowly but surely making a bit of progress
When we got home last Thursday, Lucy informed me she needed to use the bathroom
We bounded up over the stairs and she took down her pants and removed her diaper
Her little bum was hovering over the potty when she looks at me and says

Can I have some privacy please?

Time to put on your big girl panties
Along with potty training comes, of course, the introduction to big girl undies
My  mother had given her a little pack on underwear a few months ago but Lucy had little or no interest in them
Saturday, she informed that her friends at school wear underwear and she wants to as well
So, we busted out the big girl undies and Lucy started hopping around her room excitedly and ripped her diaper off in anticipation of putting on her big girl undies
As she was waiting for me to open up the package of undies for her to try on, she placed her hands on either side of my face and declared with a big grin and great enthusiasm in her voice

Oh Mama! Isn't this exciting! I gettin' big undies!!!!
It is Lucy! I'm so proud of you!
I proud of you too Mama!
You are Lucy?
Yeah Mama! You wear undies every day!!!!!

Maria the Mum

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  1. ha ha ha ha .... LOVE

    Loving the privacy and that she's proud of you for wearing your big girl panties every day (if only she knew)



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