Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snippets from our time in England

Hey Lucy, what's your favorite thing about England?
When we have tea, 'cuz we get to have chocolate cake or biscuits (cookies of course) Mama! I love biscuits in England! Can we get England biscuits in Boston.....?

Right after I fed Lucy dinner...
Mama! England hot dogs are not good! And don't even (with a hand wave) get me started on their ketchup!

Riding in the car through the Dales
Lucy, look at all those sheep!
Holy Crap! That's a lot of sheep

Lucy, it's our last day in England, what would you like to do?
I dunno know Mama....maybe just have chocolate cake....

Feeding the ducks seems to be a past time here in England
We've fed the ducks at least 4 days that I can think of
On our last day in England, we went down to town and fed the ducks (and the crows and pigeons)
A duck nipped Lucy in the finger
Lucy, before she burst into tears declares
Damn Duck!

We've been driving all over the country side and it really is quite gorgeous up here
And no matter where you look, there are pastures of sheep, cows and horses
For the first few days, we felt compelled to yell out
Lucy! Look sheep!
Lucy! Look, cows!
Lucy! Look, horses!
Yesterday, as we were driving, I again said
Lucy! Look...
Yeah Mama, sheep, I know (in her bored teenage voice)

Driving on the opposite side of the road here really messes with your head (and eyes) as a passenger
Every time Sean went to make a right hand turn, Lucy would pipe up and ask if he went the wrong way as she thought he was turning around
After the fourth or fifth day, she commented under her breath
Daddy sure goes the wrong way a lot

Someone asked Lucy if she wanted chips and when she she was given french fries and not potato chips, she was so upset
I tried to explain to her that in England, potato chips are crisps and french fries are chips
She laughed and declared
England is so silly Mama!

Here, dessert is called pudding (no matter what it is) and when Lucy was asked if she wanted pudding then handed cookies, the poor kid was so confused
She looked at her Uncle and said
But I wanted pudding
Her cousins said that what's for pudding
Poor Lucy was so frustrated
I just want pudding please!!!!!!!!
Fortunately, there was a leftover pudding from the previous day's pudding
When John handed it to her Lucy looks at me and says
Was that so hard to give me a pudding?

One of her cousins kept asking her about her trousers and poor Lucy had not a clue what she was talking about
I no have trousers she'd reply
And my nieces looked at her quizzically and then looked at me
My oldest niece said to me
You don't let her have trousers? Than what does she wear?
Well, honey I do give her trousers to wear but we call then pants
Yes, and when you are asking Lucy about trousers, she doesn't understand what you mean
Oh, says Lauren, well, I'm glad you let her wear pants then

The iPad has come in handy this trip
It's kept Lucy occupied on the plane and some of the long car trips
Sher's been watching Ice Age (the first one) over and over over
The premise is the animals (Sid, Diego and Manny) find a human baby, rescue said baby and then set out to return the baby to his family
Sean went out for drinks our last night with his parents and I was packing while Lucy watched Ice Age for probably the 52nd time in the past week and a half
When the film ended, she padded into the bedroom, stretched out on the bed and said
Mama, instead of a dog, can I get a baby brother?
I never said you could have a dog Lucy
Daddy did.....but instead can I have a baby brother?
A real baby Lucy?
Yeah Mama
A baby brother?
Yes Mama, a baby brother...can I get one?
You mean like a real baby that cries?
Yeah...but if it does not cry a lot that would be better
A baby that comes from Mama's belly?
Yeah Mama, from your belly, where did you think babies come from?
Yeah Mama
I never said you could have a dog and neither did Daddy
Ok fine Mama! So can I get a baby brother?
Are you sure you want a brother?
Yeah Mama (as she rolls her eyes)
Ok, well, would you rather have a baby brother or a baby sister
A brother
Ok, would you rather have a baby brother or a dog?
Hmmmm.....that's hard Mama....I guess a dog
Great, we'll get one when we get home

Lucy misses Ziggy terribly and will occasionally ask me how I think Ziggy is and if he misses her
I assured her Ziggy is being well taken care of and I'm sure he misses her and much as she misses him
I asked her on our last day if she was ready to go home to Ziggy and she responded
Mama, I thought you would never ask!

Maria the Mum

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  1. Sounds like she made the trip even more wonderful. Love her outlook on everything! xo


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