Monday, February 4, 2013

Good Times

Lucy loves hearing stories about herself

I used to make up stories about she and her stuffed dog Puppy Jack
The stories would be about she and Puppy Jack wandering for the day and meeting other animals (like when Lucy and Puppy Jack met a hippo who took them for a swim down the river)

And when she tired of those, I made up stories about her living in the jungle
Mumma, can I live in Africa instead at the watering hole? There are more animals there I like
Sure Lucy, the watering hole it is.....

Lately, she likes to hear real stories about herself as well as Sean and I

She loves the stories about her and her old pal Cora at Puddle Duck
She giggles every time I tell her the story about how she and Daddy played tag while she was still in my belly (he would poke my belly, she'd kick, he'd poke, she'd kick...they actually still kind of do that)
She loves even more to hear stories about us when we were little but has not quite worked out we did not live together when we were kids

So the other day, we were just sort of hanging out, I think making dinner, and she says

Mumma, tell me the story of how Daddy and I brought Ziggy Boy home
So I told her the story about how I went to a Wedding Shower and brought home cupcakes for she and her Dad and they brought me home a 17lb cat

Mumma, tell me the story how you and Daddy got married
So I told her the story of how we got all dressed up (yes honey, Mummy wore a dress) and went to Church and got married in front of God and Noni and Papa and Granny and Grandpa (yes honey, Noni and Papa and Granny and Grandpa knew what we were doing)
And then how we had a big party in a barn and we ate hamburgers and hot dogs and had cake and danced

Mumma, tell me the story of how I was born
So I told her how I stayed at the hospital until the doctor said OK little baby, time to come out!
And then, the doctor held up this little crying baby and said it's a Lucy!
And then Lucy started to cry and Daddy ran his finger across her forehead and said there there Baby, its OK, Daddy is here...and you stopped crying!
That's a good story Mumma
Yes it is Lucy

Mumma, tell me the story about the day I came home
So I told her the story of how we had her whole outfit picked out and then realized we did not actually know how to dress we had to ask the  nurse if we were doing it right!
And then we drove home so slowly in the rain and when we got home, Noni threw open the door and said Welcome Home Lucy!
And then Daddy went to meet Cooper and Papa and you stayed asleep in your car seat and when you woke up, Noni and I did not know how to get you out of your seat! And then, when we finally got you out, we put you in your crib for another nap and while you were sleeping, Noni vacuumed your room and you never even woke up!

I love those stories Mumma
Me too Lucy

Hey Mumma?
Yeah Lucy
She stifles a giggle
Mumma! 'member when I used to live in your belly?
Uh, yeah, I sure do Lucy
Giggles some more....
That was so crazy Mumma!
Full blown laugh,
That was such a crazy time Mumma! So crazy when I lived in your belly!
She walks away shaking her head laughing and muttering
Was that so crazy Ziggy Boy?!? she asks the cat who is lounging on the chair
Was that so crazy I lived in Mumma's belly?!?!

 It sure was Lucy, it sure was

Maria the Mum

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