Monday, September 22, 2014

On my honor I will try....

Lucy takes swimming at the Boys and Girls Club - and she loves swimming 
But we've been trying to get her to branch out
Especially since we just found out that there is no swimming at the club this fall

We've offered to sign her up for soccer (no thanks, I like playing with Daddy out back) 
We've tried dance (no, I just like dancing at home with you and Daddy) 
We even tried Karate (no, I just do karate when I listen to Kung Fu Fighting) 
We even suggested horseback riding (no thanks, I'll just do that when we go to Davis Farmland) 
We won't pressure her to do anything but we don't shy away from letting her know she has options and we'll support whatever she'd like to try 

Last week, in her folder from school, was a flyer from the Girl Scouts of America 
It was an invitation to a recruiting event
I looked over the flyer and called out to Lucy

Hey Luce, would you like to try the Girl Scouts?
What do Girl Scouts do Mama? I don't even know who they are...

She was sitting at her desk arranging her animal cards

Well, the Girl Scouts…hmm, who are the Girl Scouts….

She walked into the kitchen and sort of held up her out stretched arms while shrugging her shoulders

Yeah Mumma, what do they do? I never even heard of them…are they new or somethin’?

Well let’s see, they uhh… well, they do projects and help people in the community….

Lucy hopped up onto the chair next to me, her elbows on the table, her chin propped up in her hands as she listened to m

I trailed off because I really had no idea how to explain the Girl Scouts
So I picked up the flyer and started reading

At Girl Scouts, you are always looking forward to the next adventure

Mumma! Lucy yelled excitedly, as she threw her hands up and grinned

 I LOVE going on adventures!!!! I love adventures and expotitions!

There’s more honey, listen…..

I continued reading

You’ll learn a new outdoor skill,
I love outdoors and, and, and I need more skills!!!

Create an artistic masterpiece
Mumma I’m an artist! I draw!

Try a science experiment and help your community I finished off

I thought Lucy’s head was going to explode

She stood up on her chair and with her arms out stretched declared

Mumma! You know how I love me a science experiment!!!
And help my community!
Of course I’ll help – remember how I helped you pick up the trash last week in our circle?!?!!? That’s like helping your community right?
And I always wave at everyone and get out of the way when a car is coming!

I read the last line

At Girl Scouts, you’ll make new friends and have a variety of new experiences that show you how exciting the world is and how awesome you are

Mumma! I think I should be a Girl Scout!! I love making new friends and having adventures and I am already almost awesome!! And I think it would be fun to have…..what was that word Mumma?

Which word I asked
The word I did not know
I read the statement again
That word! She yelled as soon as I said variety

I think maybe I need variety Mumma!! I think Girl Scouts is for me!!!

So should we check out the meeting I asked her

You bet Mumma she said with a wink of her eye and a click of her tongue as she gave me the thumbs up sign

Sign me up baby!! Sign me up!

Look out Girl Scouts of America, Lucy’s coming…….

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