Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Happy Birthday to the Other Queen

August 1, 2018

For some, today is a day to celebrate National Raspberry Cream Pie Day or National Girlfriends' Day
Others will partake in events for National Scout Scarf Day or Worldwide Web Day
It is also Respect for Parents Day and International Childfree Day which confuses my head a bit but who am I to judge
Some people will use today to kick off Inventor's Month, Fishing Month, Peach Month and Happiness Happens Month
There will also be, I am guessing, birthday remembrances and parties for Claudius Francis Scott Key, Herman Melville, Mother Jones, Henrietta Lacks, Dom DeLuise, Jerry Garcia, Coolio, and Jason Momoa
But for me, I will spend August 1st celebrating one of my all time favorite people
She's smart and sassy, no bigger than a minute and single handily brought back Talbots
She loves penguins, feeds the birds, chipmunks, deer and chickens which frequent her backyard and talks to all of them in a sing songy voice that makes you wonder if she is not in fact Snow White
She's up on politics, down with Jesus, and adores the Blessed Mother
She still watches the Golden Girls and Designing Women as if they never went out of style or off the air
She's retired but has never been more busy and has a schedule which rivals the Queen's
She can relate to the youngest person in the room, the oldest person at the table and everyone in between
She's soft spoken but packs a powerful punch with her words and her laugh will bring tears of joy to your eye
She can put you in your place with a single arch of her eyebrow and build you up with a nod of her head and five encouraging words
She says things like:
beggars can't be choosers
if wishes were horses beggars would ride
praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
dogs barking, can't fly without umbrella
She sends text messages filled with emojis and GIPHYes
And she still sends cards for every occasion and thank you notes for gifts received
She is Grammy and Grampy's eldest daughter and Aunt Nell and Uncle Ed's favorite niece
She's a younger sister, an older sister and an aunt to so many nieces and nephews
She's a wife - 51 years this past February
She's a mother (1 boy, 6 girls, all natural child births ladies..... ALL NATURAL.....all 7 times...)
She's a Noni to 4 adoring grandsons and 2 doted on granddaughters
She's a friend to many, a companion to some, a lifeline for others and she diligently prays for every single one of us
She's been strong in the face of adversity and vulnerable with a quiet strength and faith that sees her through to the other side
She's taken a lot of shit from people over the years but has never complained, she simply shrugs, and knows that this too shall pass
She is more than I could ever hope to be
Loretta Kearns, you are, and continue to be, the only person I will go out of my way to wish Happy Birthday to on Facebook.....
And not just because you are my favorite Mum but because you continue to be one of my favorite people in the whole wide world
May your day be filled with well wishes, love, frosting (why bother with the cake), and whatever your heart desires
Happy Birthday Mum!
Hang onto your wishes and dreams
Eat your veggies, say your prayers and keep being you
Love the bag, love the shoes, love everything, love you!

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