Monday, August 8, 2022

Deep in the Heart of Texas

 I'm working with a new client

His name is Houston and he's located in Dallas
In a couple internal meetings, I have stumbled over his name
accidentally calling him Dallas and then self correcting
And by self correcting I mean my colleague who is working the deal with me will gently say Nope, other way and I know exactly what he means
Yesterday, we had our weekly pipeline call - running through all the deals we're working on, updating the larger (internal) Team on the statuses and providing a bit of commentary to our VP
When it came to this particular deal, I introduced the company, the scope of the deal and the key players
I hesitated for a beat before I said Houston
My colleague, the one working the deal with me, heard the first syllable're right, Houston
I sighed and said to the Team
I keep getting this guy's name wrong!
His name is Houston and he's in Dallas and I keep calling him Dallas!
Someone said seriously??
Yes, I said, seriously....and I keep using the wrong name for him!
His name is Houston and he's in I'm going to call him Austin
For a split second, no one said anything
I mean I thought it was pure comedy genius
But no one reacted
Then, after a 5 second beat, the VP, the Brit on the call, starts laughing
Like a giggle turned belly laugh ending in a giggle which turned into a chortle then back to a giggle
No one else reacted
He kept laughing, muted himself, seemingly regrouped, came off mute and said
Bloody brilliant!
No one else said anything - not even a giggle
So we moved onto the next deal
When all of a sudden, someone finally got the joke, explained it to the rest of the team and there was a collective a-ha moment then some laughs
The VP and I had already moved on ..... though I did ping him in messenger and said maybe it would have been funnier if I said I call him Memphis...
He started laughing, went on mute again and now it's our new private joke
I know this because this morning he pinged with
Good Morning Memphis.....

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