Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Day Care Lady and the Grin

Birdie seems to be enjoying day care - a little too much if you ask me. Yesterday, when I dropped her off, she flashed the day care lady the big grin and googly eyes she usually reserves for I did what any mother would do, when I left, I called my husband and ranted about all the things I "found" wrong with the day care: "The toys from yesterday weren't picked up" "They were eating their breakfast and watching TV in the day care room," "She had a spot on her shirt", "The house smells funny...even on the outside...."

Truth be told, the place is just ego was bruised and I was trying to make myself feel better. But within an hour, I actually sought comfort in the fact that Lucy did give her that grin....but it still tugs at my heart strings...

Maria, the Mom

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