Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lucy is the Class Bully

Every Friday, when I pick Lucy up from Puddle Duck, I also bring home with me a blue notebook in which one of her teachers has taken the time to write us a note about Lucy's week. And then we write back to them in the notebook letting them know how Lucy's weekend was, address any questions/issues they may have brought know, parent teacher conference without even having to talk!

Usually, I read it the minute I walk in the door on Friday (sometimes I read it at the red light on the way home!) I truly look forward to it.....but not anymore.

This past Friday, I did not read it straight away - Melissa came down after work and we ended up outside talking to the neighbors and then took a walk for ice cream so I just never got around to reading the book.

Saturday morning, we had our community yard sale. Sean and I thought we could unload a bunch-o-crap and make a little money....we unloaded maybe 12 things (including a pair of Crocs, two scarecrows and a spike tool to tighten cleats on your golf shoes...people buy the weirdest shit but the yard sale is another blog...) and made $25.25.

Anyway, Sean was outside manning the yard sale and Lucy and I were hanging out in the house. She had breakfast, a bath and then we made faces at Daddy though the front door. We had a snack and Lucy was pushing Baby Doll around the house in her stroller...soI decide to read Lucy's Blue Book from Puddle Duck: Lucy had a good week, loved playing outside and has become fast friends with the new girl who just started. They noticed, as we have, that Lucy moans quite a bit in her sleep but does not seem to be waking up....then I read this:

We have noticed a behavior in Lucy the past couple weeks and we were wondering if you've noticed it at home.......we've noticed that Lucy will go over and take a toy away from one of the little babies and then sort of knocks them over (and they list the names of the babies she's knocked over)....and that if one of the other kids comes over to Lucy while she's playing with a toy, she kind of head butts the other child and sometimes, this makes them cry (and again, they list the names of the kids she's head butting). We tell Lucy "no" that hurts her friends and we move her to another area of the room. Have you noticed this at home?


I look over at my little daughter who is snuggling her Winkel elephant on her left, clutching Baby Doll in her right hand all while looking at her array of stuffed animals and giggling at them. She looks at me with such love and admiration, tilts her chin into her shoulder and comes rushing over to where I'm sitting throwing her arms around my legs and laying her head in my lap. How can this be the class bully? How can this sweet little blond hair blue eyed girl who just threw baby doll on the floor, stepped on her head, tossed her safari animals across the room after kicking Pooh Bear out of her way, be the class bully?!?

Sean, Lucy is the class bully!

What, what are you talking about?

I read him the passage from the book...I may have added a bit of a dramatic flair to it.....

He do our neighbors Pat and Dave

Its not funny I say, what if they kick her out? What of she doesn't grow out of it? What if she hurts someone? Why are kids trying to take toys away from her? Should I apologize to the other parents? Especially the ones we're meeting up with this afternoon to go to the Strawberry Festival with...who are then coming back to our house with their son who was one of the babies listed in the "knocks them over" category.......

I cam laugh about this now but I will admit for about a two hour time frame, I was a bit out of might say upset, about the new behavior of my I'm thinking of responding like this:

Dear Teachers

I am so sorry that Lucy has been behaving in a less than desirable manner.
I cannot say I have noticed this behavior at home but then again, I do not have any babies hanging around playing with toys Lucy may or may not want nor are there any walking babies (pre toddlers if you will) invading Lucy's space when she's playing with something. I have, however, noticed that when Sean and I play with her toys and do not put them back where we found them, she likes to wake us up 2-4 times a night as retribution. I understand and support the tactics you are using to discipline Lucy and would also suggest a water bottle and two quick squirts between the eyes...we've found two to be more effective than one and three is really just overkill. We worked with Lucy all day Sunday snatching toys from her and then ducking when she tried to head butt us - I think we may have broken her of head butting but please be aware that she has good aim and a pretty strong right arm.

Have a great week!

Maria, the Mum

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