Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random Thoughts and Musings

Got a phone call a few weeks ago from a guy I went to high school with...he was calling about our 20th class reunion. First I was pissed because he somehow tracked me down (though mother and sisters all denied giving up my number)
Then, I was even more pissed when I realized it was my 20th reunion....

LUCY IS WALKING!!!! At times, she's running as much as her little one year old legs will carry her. Cool thing is she can now play with and keep up with the kids in the neighborhood.......well, sort of keep up with them!

Been sick since Easter. Have had this horrible cough, been terribly congested and just plain old tired. Then it would clear up for a few days but would always come back.....in the middle of this I caught the stomach bug that was going around Lucy's day care....everyone else had it for 12-24 hours....I had for 48! Anyway, finally broke down and went to Doctor last week as I was just so damn tired. Turns out I had a bit of pneumonia and a respiratory infection.......one inhaler and rounds of antibiotics later am feeling much better.

We had a great Memorial Day Weekend - Friday night we got home from work/day care and played with the neighborhood kids for a couple hours. They were so good with Lucy letting her chase them all around the yard....then chasing her around the yard! Cousin Laura and Adam stopped by...they're getting married this weekend and Sean made their Church Programs for them so they stopped by to pick them up.

Saturday was a bit hectic as we ran a few errands.....we were in Harvard Square and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream has a booth set up and they were giving away free ice cream. We did not get any ice cream but we spent 20 minutes at their booth as their big plastic cows caught Lucy's eye! She laughed, squealed and screeched at them much to the delight of many passer bys!

Sunday was sunny with enough of a breeze to keep you cool.....We slept in and spent the morning playing out in the yard. Some friends came by in the afternoon....good food, good company, good conversation and lots of laughs is a great way to spend the day. They left, we played some more and then had a great night's sleep.

Monday, we hung out in the yard ALL DAY LONG!!! It was perfect. Lucy ran around with Ollie and Ebony (the two puppy dogs who live next door) We took a couple wagon rides around the neighborhood, lunch on the deck and then a walk to the ice cream stand in the afternoon. We took the long way home to work off the ice cream. Lucy fell asleep and Sean and I kicked around the soccer ball while she napped.......fell asleep with huge grins on our faces last night! I love having a family..........

Hopefully will get together with my sister Mikel in the next week or so for dinner - we've been trying for a few weeks now but I was always sick....

Let's see what else. Sean has been busy at home working on some free lance work - aside from the programs for Laura's wedding (which by the way are beautiful) he has been working on some ads for my company along with redesigning our Company website - just so everyone knows, I have a very talented husband! I really am quite proud of the work he does.

He's also still plugging away at various home improvement projects. Next, he's replacing our kitchen faucet and then, though he doesn't know it yet, he's tackling the linen closet upstairs....good job he has the Reader's Digest Home Improvement book for reference.

Sean got Lucy a bird feeder for her birthday and has it hanging in the tree in the backyard. We have lots of chickadees that visit us and Lucy loves pointing them out - and they don't seem to mind when she stands underneath the feeder pointing and laughing at them! We also have this gorgeous red cardinal that frequents the feeder...his partner, though not as pretty, also stops by now and then. We have a couple blue jays that also visit and though blue jays can be aggressive, so far they've been pretty tame. I'm not sure what the yellow bids are that stop by - I think they're finches but I'm not 100% sure.....I may be investing in a bird book this weekend.

Community Yard Sale on June 12....hopefully we'll unload a bunch more crap and make money doing so!

All for now...well, actually I'm just getting tired....

Maria, the Mum

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