Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dear Santa

As inspired by Mama Kat: Write an open letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I know I'm a bit late in getting this to you but I hope you will honor my requests

I don't want diamonds or jewels
I don't want a new car, a new house or even new clothes
I don't fancy anything gold or silver or platinum

Instead, here is what I want for Christmas:

I want Lucy to always believe...in you, in me, in her Dad and in Faith, Hope and Love
I want Lucy to know I am proud of her
I want Lucy to have as much joy in her life as she has brought to mine
I want Lucy to know that at the end of the day, no matter what, her Mum and Dad will always be there for her
I want Lucy to know that everything her Dad and I do, we do for her.
I want Lucy to grow up knowing we will not always give her what she wants but we will always make sure she has what she needs
I want Lucy to know that what she needs more than anything is our love - and she has more of it today than she did yesterday but not as much as she'll have tomorrow
And lastly, I want Lucy to know that her dreams will always come true even if only in her heart

I know that's a pretty long list Santa but I have just a couple more things:

I want Sean to know I love and appreciate him more than I sometimes remember to say
I want Sean to know that I am proud of him
I want Sean to know that I support him - no matter what I may sometimes think, do or say, he will forever and always have my support
I want Sean to know he makes me happy - and I am eternally grateful for that

And finally Santa, my last request is not for me, but for you:

I want you to know Santa that I will always appreciate the happiness you have brought into my life....you have made me happy for as long as I can remember

We may not speak throughout the year and for a couple years, we may have lost touch but you have always come back to see me no matter where I am...and now you are there for Lucy....what better gift could I ask for?

I know that the Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Baby Jesus
And I know Christmas marks the birth of Baby Jesus...it is all about Baby Jesus becoming a part of our lives....and us becoming a part of His.....and I love that Jesus is a part of my life - but I love you too Santa! I love what you bring to the Christmas season!

I love that you can make little kids smile with a crinkle of your nose and a wink of your eye
I love the sound of your sleigh bells and the clomping of the reindeer's hooves
I love that kids believe in you so fiercely that they take time to write you letters and clamor to sit upon your lap
I love that you dare to wear a big red velvet coat trimmed with white fur and somehow, you pull it off!
I love that you embrace your "curves" and work hard to keep your belly just like a bowl full of jelly so we know its really you
I love that the mere mention of your name makes kids giggle and laugh and jump up and down giddy with anticipation

Just as Jesus is Christmas, so are you......for what is Christmas without my belief in Jesus and you?

So my last wish Santa is that you know how much I believe in you...
And how much Lucy believes in you......
And that you will promise to come back year after year...........
And I promise to look for you year after year........and leave you a plate full of snickerdoodles, Swedish butter cookies and a handful of M&Ms.

Thanks again for all the love and joy

Merry Christmas and Godspeed Santa -

Maria the Mum


  1. Not ALL the Swedish Butter Cookies!

  2. ha ha ha Sean - you tell her!

    Maria - it's very easy for people to get caught up in the commercial element of Christmas and to forget the true meaning. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.



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