Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ghosts, Turkeys, Santa and Baby Jesus

Not sure where I have been the last few weeks - we've been terribly busy at work and are in a constant state of rush once we get home. Sean has been working EVERY night on a new side project and who knows what the hell I'm wandering around doing....laundry, lunches, clean up, a bit of office work...

Our weekends seem to go in slow motion and by Sunday, we wonder where the weekend went and why we did not get anything done.

Truthfully, we need a vacation. We've not taken a proper vacation this year and I think it will do us a world of we're trying to hang on until the week of Christmas...we both have that week off and I am looking forward to it more than you know

Halloween came and went - and we had a blast.
We made ghosts and pumpkins and hung them from the ceiling in the kitchen and living room.
The ghosts and pumpkins were decorated with stickers, glitter, buttons and pom poms......all carefully and lovingly placed by Lucy.

We carved pumpkins and again, Lucy's favorite part was cleaning out the pumpkin guts.....and teasing (read terrorizing) her Dad with them because Sean HATES pumpkin guts....pumpkin guts gross him out as much as throw up grosses him out...actually, he deals better with throw up than he does with pumpkin guts.....

Lucy and I then proceeded to have a food fight with said pumpkin guts....
By the time we were done, we were both covered in stringy orange goo and pumpkin seeds...and so was the table, the chairs, the floor, the walls....there were even a couple splashes on the ceiling.
It took me 20 minutes to get it all out of Lucy's hair but her screeches of laughter and joy were totally worth it

Sean busted out a pumpkin with Lighting McQueen on it for Lucy and she was ever so impressed - told everyone who stopped by and admired it that it was "My pumpkin...Daddy made it for ME (emphasized with a tilt of her head, eyes upward to the sky and her thumb pointed to her chest)"

Lucy was an elephant for Halloween.....I told everyone she was a Republican but very few people got that joke....

The weekend after Halloween, we did our Thanksgiving decorations. We decided to leave the pumpkins up we had made for Halloween and made some turkeys and leaves to go with them. We put stickers on some of the turkeys and glued feathers on others and hung up the leaves and turkeys from the ceiling with the pumpkins.

Cousins De and Brad came for breakfast that Sunday and Brady decided he would flip on the ceiling fan thinking it would be cool to see the turkeys blowing in the breeze...and it would have been except one of the turkeys was pretty close to the fan and it end up ripping the turkey off the ceiling and sending it across the room. Poor Brad looked like he was going to pass out - Lucy just yelled out:

Oh! My turkey! My turkey!

To this day, if we mention Cousin Brad, Lucy says Cousin Brad who broke my turkey?

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair. We worked Wednesday and I had to work Friday. So for the first time ever, we had a Sykes Family Thanksgiving...just the three of us. We got up, made turkey cupcakes (we frosted chocolate cupcakes, piped on a head, used Mike and Ike's for the tail, white and black gel and chocolate chips for the eyes and candy corn for the beak....looked awesome).
We watched the Macy’s Day Parade (Lucy loved it but was annoyed with the number of commercials), and the Dog Show. We made dinner, ate dinner, played outside, took a drive...forgot to eat dessert and ended the day watching Charlie Brown's Halloween special.

We're now gearing up for Christmas.

Lucy begins each morning by flying down over the stairs to find her Elf on a Shelf she lovingly named Peter. And as soon as she finds him, she yells and points:

There's Peter! Peter's back! He went to see Santa! In the North Pole!

She'll ask Peter how his trip was, how Santa is, when did he get back...Peter never answers...not that we can hear anyway
We went up to Rockport a couple weekends ago and watched Santa arrive by boat at Motif Number One. Lucy could not even believe she was standing so close to Santa - and when they made eye contact and he waved at her, the smile on her face was worth more than I'll ever be able to put into words.

This past weekend, we ventured up to Portland and went for a ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express. Lucy could not have been more excited -  the week preceding our adventure, she told anyone and everyone she was going on the Polar Express to see Santa.

We did see Santa and to Lucy's credit, she totally kept her cool....she did not freak out and cry or go all Buddy the Elf on us. Instead, she eyed Santa the way one would eye a celebrity standing in line behind them at the grocery store...sort of did a double take and gave a slight nod to acknowledge Yeah, I know who you are, what about it.....

However, when she was handed her bell (which is part of the story) she totally dorked out!

A bell! A bell! I got a bell!

We drove home with the bell in her clutches, she went to sleep that night with the bell in her clutches...she woke us up Sunday morning with the bell in her clutches....

We have made the rounds in the neighborhood showing people her bell....she was gagging to take it to school but we convinced her that would not be such a great idea as we did not want it to get lost.....but we had to take a picture of her holding said bell so she could show Ali and Rika!

Lucy also wrote her letter to Santa (and by that I mean of course she dictated it to me)

It read like this:

Dear Santa

My name is Lucy Ellen Sykes...did you already know my name?

I was wondering if you could bring me some animals for Christmas.

I just want a tiger. I love tigers 'cause tigers is orange and orange is my color.

Could you also bring a lion for Baby Jesus? It his birthday and he likes lions.

We're having cake for Baby Jesus, chocolate want some Santa?

Thanks Santa, have a good trip, be careful!

I love you

PS thanks for Peter!

She is totally into the Santa thing but also totally gets its Baby Jesus’ birthday and she has been quite sweet about it. We've planned a party for Baby J on Christmas Eve: cake, balloons and maybe, Lucy says, he'll get a lion like Lucy asked.....!!!!

I’m sure he will Lucy, I'm sure he will............

Maria the Mum

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