Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Newman...

When we pulled up to the house last night, Lucy informed me she'd like bacon and eggs for dinner...and toast with honey
I agreed as I had no other ideas and frankly, bacon and eggs sounded too good to pass up
As I was getting Lucy out of the car, she heaved a big sigh and asked

Yes Lucy?
Can I go see Kristen? I wanna ask her if she wants to come over for dinner....I don't want her to be lonely by herself..........

I swallowed hard past the lump in my throat and said

Of course Luce Goose, that is really nice of you
You head over to Kristen's and I'm going to take our things in the house then I'll be right over

Ok Mama - thanks!

So I sent Lucy across the circle to Kristen's house and followed about 5 minutes later

When I arrived at Kristen's, I walked through the front door and found Lucy and Kristen perched on the couch

Lucy looked up as I walked in and greeted me in a tone that was slightly sinister like and mixed with a tad of resentment.....much like the one Jerry Seinfeld used whenever Newman walked into the room...

Well, Hello Mother

Maria the Mum

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