Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I’ve been having trouble focusing lately as I’ve had a million things swarming, swimming, raging and running through my head and decided I just need to have a stream of consciousness...…consider it a spring cleaning of my mind if you will:

Sean and I have been married five years (May 26th)….I can only hope that the next five are full of as much love, hope, health and happiness as the past five have been.
My co-worker has been reading the 50 Shades of Grey books – I’ve been reading the Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn…what does that tell you about me?

I asked Lucy the other day what color my hair is – she said black and white like a penguin…ouch
I think I have a crush on LL Cool J…..And I sort of want to be Queen Latifah…I see a trend and would not be surprised if I vote for Obama in November….ha! Kidding….but I do have crush on LL Cool J and I do sort of kind of want to be Queen Latifah…..

I miss Jason Varitek
When we started brushing Lucy’s teeth, we told her we were catching sugar bugs; it’s something that has stuck. A week or so ago, after her bath, she begged me to hurry up and brush her teeth as the sugar bugs were “buzzing all over the place” in her mouth

I used the word retard in a memo I wrote (as in the process, unless improved, will continue to retard growth and stimulation…blah blah blah)  and someone proofing the memo informed me it was in poor taste to call the people reading the memo that  name…I said what name…he said why would you call them retarded? But I’m not…so you’re telling me that word is not what it is…All I could do was look at him blankly willing myself not to react
I had another discussion with someone who informed me I did not understand the business side of our business….scary given that this is my job

I’ll be 40 in August....I'm not really bothered about turning 40…I am bothered by the fact that someone referred to the music I was listening to the other day as “the oldies” (it was Crowded House,  Tears for Fears, and the Cars)
Lucy has had hives since Monday night – no idea why, she just does. She now refers to herself as Lucy the Leopard

At Mass on Sunday, Lucy decided we needed to sit in the very front pew right next to the kids’ choir. She clapped after every song, Amen and Alleluia they sang. She also waved at everybody filing by after communion as she thought it was a parade….and to top it off, she was invited to join the choir for the closing hymn which she insisted I go up with her and then left me standing there with a bunch of kids while she wandered off…..
We have an audit coming up at work…that very word makes my heart race, my palms sweat and my stomach twist itself inside out…blurg

Lucy’s two favorite songs right now: Life is a Highway (the remake used in Cars) and Kokomo by the Beach Boys (with special guest John Stamos on the steel drums)….makes me laugh every time she starts singing them…..especially when she does her mash up and throws in Gloria, Baby Beluga and the Wheels on the Bus
I had this friend called Jenny when I lived in Illinois, she helped facilitate my transformation into a Parrot Head (did I ever mention I was a Parrot Head) I miss her terribly and she’s been on my mind for months – we lost touch when I moved and I’m not sure why I have not reached out to her but I am hesitant to do so....I hate it when I get like that about people

I miss being a Parrot Head
Lucy is potty trained – she woke up on a Wednesday and announced she would be wearing big girl underwear from now on and I’ll be damned, she’s been wearing big girl underwear for two weeks straight with minimal accidents (although there was an incident with poop falling on the floor but I’ll save that for another time)

We took Lucy to the Children’s Museum Saturday and may have worn out our welcome. We stayed about 20 minutes too long and she proceeded to throw a major league temper tantrum as we were trying to leave – that’s not happened for a long time and made for a shitty ride home
I keep trying to figure out how I can become a teacher, win the lottery or be discovered while working  my day job and not putting forth much effort… I expect to win the lottery with the first ticket I buy….seriously, I do…..

I wish I could be a school librarian…do schools even have libraries anymore?
Kristen brought some pictures of Jet over the other night which she had printed for Lucy. Lucy immediately picked the close up of Jet’s face and hung it on the wall of her bedroom – she kisses it at night before she climbs into bed

I miss Jet…for Kristen, for Lucy and even for me (I enjoyed our after work walks…)
I keep finding pieces of paper in my bag, my desk drawer, and tucked in whatever book I'm reading of notes and ideas for blogs…I really need to get focused here

Rizzoli and Isles is back, I’m pretty excited about that
I just saw a commercial for Dragon Software….I’m totally asking Santa for it

I recently read like 4 or 5 of Chelsea Handler’s books and laughed my ass off…cringed a few times but laughed really really hard….
I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook – I love being able to spy on keep in touch with people but I hate that they have way cooler lives than I do

I’m so over reality TV
Daisuke Matsuzaka is due back Saturday….grrr…I could care less….

It makes me crazy when people talk about themselves in the third person…makes me want to punch them really hard in the face
Hmmmpphh, inhale, exhale…..I feel better now

Maria the Mum


  1. You live a wonderful life and if you think anyone else's is better, you'd be off sides - your life is the best life for you!

    PS - The first time I heard my junior prom song on the oldies station, I wept

  2. I do love my life but sometimes, you have to admit, don't other people seem to have a cooler life? Maybe its just because they take better pictures than I do.....oin any case, sometimes, just for a few minutes, you want what they have....until I realize I'd have to give up what and who I have and no way am I doing that!


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