Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Oh Lucy

A few nights ago, as I was putting Lucy to be, she snuggled up against me and I said
I love you Luce Goose
I love you too Mama
Well I love you three!
She giggled and said
I love you four!
I love you five! I shot back
Mama I love you SIX!
She giggled again
We made it to I love you 15 (me) without any problems when she hesitated
Mama, I love you .....Mama, I forget, what comes next but whatever it is, I love you that much!

Last week, at bed time, I told her to close her little eyes
She turned, looked at me and said with a hint of a challenge in the balance
Close your big eyes and I'll close my little eyes

I was in a rush the other night, as I often am, and knocked over the bowl of vegetables I had just made for Lucy's dinner
Lucy rushed over to see what all the noise and my expletives were about
Mama, you OK?
I am honey, I just knocked over a bowl
That one Mama? she asked pointing to the floor
Yeas honey, that one
Was that my broccoli and cauliflower for my dinner?
Yes honey, it was
Ohh, well......that's disappointing......

Lucy was a tiger for Halloween
At one point, I said something to her about looking like Tigger
She corrected me
Mama, I'm not Tigger, I'm a tiger, a Bengal tiger
Sorry Luce!
Just don't call me Tigger Mama! I'm a BENGAL TIGER!!
On Halloween, a couple we know came down with their kids to Trick or Treat
Jay said something to Lucy about her looking like Tigger
I said to him don't call her Tigger, she's so not Tigger....
She's not Tigger?
Nope - she's a Tiger - not a Tigger - like a Siberian tiger or something....
Aren't those the white ones? he asked
I don't know....I can never remember......just don't call her Tigger!
When I was putting her to bed that night, Lucy says to me
Oh Mama, by the way...
Yes Lucy?
Mama, you told your friend I was a Siberian Tiger...and I wasn't.....
You weren't?
She put her hand on her hip and said to me in quite an exasperated tone
Mama! Siberian Tigers are white, was I white? No I was ORANGE......I was a Bengal Tiger!
Oh, sorry Luce, how come you didn't tell Jay that?
I didn't want to make you look bad Mama.....

Maria the Mum

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  1. HA HA HA HA HA...LOVE! Love both her being disappointed and how she didn't want to make you look bad.


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