Sunday, March 10, 2013

Whatcha eatin'?

So we're at Church last Sunday

Lucy decides she wants to go up with me while I receive Communion

Before I accept the Host, the Priest reaches down, makes the sign of the cross on Lucy's forehead and murmurs a blessing

Lucy looks up at him and says


He hesitates just a moment, looks from her to me and then back down to her again and seems to smile and chuckle at the same time

He looks back to me and I bow my head, accept the Host and steer Lucy back down the outer aisle towards our pew

As we're walking back, Lucy slows down, turns around and asks

Mumma, what did he give you to eat?

I place my finger on my lips in an effort to shush Lucy and sort of nudge her along

She turns around again and stops

But Mumma, what did he give you to eat?

It was the Host Lucy I say with a nudge

The what Mumma?

The Host, come on honey, keep moving

Lucy comes to a complete stop and stands her ground with her hands on her hips

But Mumma! What's a host?

I bend down and scoop her up

It's the body of Christ honey

You mean Jesus Mumma?

Yes honey

Lucy leans back so I can see her whole face
She lays her hands on my cheeks and asks loudly enough for everyone in a three foot radius of us to hear

Mumma! You just ate Baby Jesus?!?!?

Maria the Mum

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  1. She kills me. Who cares if she's in church - she had a question! xo


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