Friday, March 22, 2013

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I’m cranky today
It started because this morning, I realized my sweater and shirt that should not have been put in the dryer were put in the dryer

Nothing aggravates me more than when that happens…except emoticons in business emails
So I’m driving to work and the guy in front of me comes to an almost complete stop and starts driving a steady 20 mph in a 35 mph zone while on his phone, smoking, drinking coffee and I’m pretty sure driving a stick – and the guy behind me was going 45 mph and I’m pretty sure, I could feel his breath on my neck

I stopped at the dry cleaner on my way in to work – I am out of town next week for work and needed a shirt and pair of pants cleaned (which by the way the thought of being away from Lucy and Sean puts a lump in my throat – I’ve never ever ever in her whole life been away from Lucy – grrrrrr)
The lettering on the window says SAME DAY SERVICE in big ass letters – just what I need since I leave Sunday

I walk in and stand at the counter for a minute or so until someone comes out to help me
He asks me for my number, I give it to him and he types it into his computer

You no in here
I know, I say, I’ve never been here before

You new?

New in that I’ve never been here…yes I reply
He sighs

I repeat my number

I say my name

He repeats it wrong
I spell it

He repeats it back and spells it wrong
I correct him

He sighs
I sigh

I keep glancing at the clock
I ask when can I pick the clothes up?

Wednesday......?........I was hoping a bit sooner than that….I trail off

Ok, then Wednesday morning….
Uh, I was kind of hoping for today

No can do says the little Chinese guy

No – No can do – Wednesday

No – no can do – Wednesday
But your window says SAME DAY SERVICE

I turn and point
Yeah he says

So can I pick the clothes up today?


Ok see here’s the thing, I need the clothes for Sunday
You should have drop off Tuesday then

I stare at him in stunned silence
He stares back

I sigh, and drop my head
Ok, he says Tuesday

How about tomorrow morning? I ask
He shakes his head and walks away

I stand there for a second because I’m not sure what’s happening
He does not return

I wait another minute
He still does not come back

I turn to leave
I push open the door and he yells

OK OK – we clean – we clean - tomorrow – you pick up tomorrow
I turn around

Are you sure I ask?
Yeah Yeah fine – I clean – you get tomorrow

Ok thanks I mumble as I hand over my clothes
I’m pretty sure he’ll either burn or shrink them on purpose

It took everything in my power not to pull into Dunkin Donuts and order two chocolate butternut crunch donuts – that’s how cranky I am
But I’ve lost 24 lbs since I started going back to Weight Watchers 7 weeks ago so I kept driving and  made my final left hand turn and as I drove the last two miles to the office, I got even more pissed as I replayed in my a conversation I had with a co-worker yesterday

I walk into the office and figure the safest thing to do is close my door – just take a few minutes to regroup
But instead, I listen to the twittering and whispers of why my door is closed – how about none of your business? For all you know, my cat died and I’ having an emotional breakdown in here

And no, Herbert Sherbet who came to live with us two weeks ago did not die – he is however still in the hospital and has been for over a week – very depressing
And then I got crankier when I went to set up a computer for a new guy starting Monday and figured out the new IT Group we hired did not configure it the way I asked – I thought four emails explaining it would do the trick but clearly, I minced words

So I called them
And the guy, though nice enough, speaks so slowly I actually feel my will to live being sucked out of me with each syllable

So we finally resolve the issue
Only to have me review the quotes they sent me for two other machines and again, not what we discussed

So I send off another email
And you want to know how I feel about business emails? They should never, under any circumstance, EVER contain any emoticons…..EVER…please do not EVER send me an email with emoticons – I will add you to my blocked list

Seriously, a business email with am emoticon – you think a smiley face emoticon is going to make me forget how you just screwed up two quotes I’ve been waiting for? You really think the mug of frothy beer at the end of your sentence reminding me hey! At least it’s Friday! is going to make me forget I’ve asked you to re-do the same thing 4 times and you still are screwing it up –
It’s not – it will not make me forget

Ok well, there

That’s that, I think I feel better
My door is closed (I could care less what anyone out there wants to say), my music is turned up and my list of what needs to be done before I leave today is long but doable…

And I’ll pick up my dry cleaning in the morning..........
..............and then go buy a new sweater and shirt

 Maria the Mum




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  1. Awwww....sending the warmest hugs ever. And if you need anyone to type your grocery list onto a spreadsheet, you now have evidence of who can do just that. Traveling mercies next week ♥


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