Monday, September 9, 2013

No more face wash...ever

Yeah Mumma?
Can you just be a little girl?
I am a little girl Mumma!
No, I mean can you be a little girl forever?
No Mumma!
You can't?
No Mumma! I can't......
I have to turn 5!
Well, can you turn 5 and just be a little girl?
No Mumma! I have to grow
'cause I have to go to kindergarten!
Ok well, can you just stay in Kindergarten forever?
No! Mumma you so silly! I can't be a little girl forever.....
Why Lucy?
'cause my body says I have to grow and grow and grow!
Are you sure Lucy?
Yeah Mumma.....
Lucy are you sure you can't be my little girl forever?
No Mumma, really, I can't, I'm sorry but I can't...really Mumma, I can't.....I'm sorry Mumma (said with a shrug of her shoulders)
Why Lucy?
I just can't Mumma
But you'll be my little girl forever?
Yes Mumma, of course I'm gonna be, of course......
Are you sure Lucy?
Mumma remember when you were a little child and you had to grow up? Well that's what I have to do too....'member Mumma?  'member you were a little person and you had to grow up....that's what I have to do, grow up and be 13 and be a big girl like you and wash my face with face wash...
So when you get to use face wash, that means you're all grown up?
Yeah Mumma, how else do you know?
I don't know Luce...I don't know....

(note to self, only keep bars of Ivory soap in the more face wash ever....)

Maria the Mum

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