Saturday, September 14, 2013

Not even in my dreams

We were out all day today
Lucy fell asleep in the car

We drove around for a bit killing time
When we pulled up to the house, she was still sound asleep
We had promised Lucy we'd go to the library and sat in the car trying to decide what to do

Maybe we should just head there, she'll be awake pretty soon suggests Sean
Or, we could just go inside, I'll snuggle with Lucy I say
Ok well, have a think about it, I need to go inside for a minute

Sean got out of the car and headed toward the house
I opened my door and call out to him

Your car smells like farts....Did you fart? 'Cause your car smells like farts...

He stops mid stride and turns back around

You car smells like farts....did you fart?
Seriously honey? No, no I did not fart
Are you sure? Smells like farts in here......
Yes Maria, I'm sure, I was not farting
Hmm, smells like farts.....maybe Lucy's farting

From behind me, in a crisp clear voice that melts my heart,  a staunch declaration is made:

No I'm not, I'm fast asleep!

Maria the Mum

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