Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey, unto you a baby is born

Last night, we were reading the Christmas Story - the little Golden Book version so some details are changed for the target audience

As the story went along, we got to the part that read Mary, pregnant with Jesus, was headed to Bethlehem with her husband Joseph
Lucy stops me
Uhh Mumma
Yes Lucy
Joseph and Mary are married?
Yes honey
So if Mary is Jesus's Mum, is Joseph his Dad 'casue I thought God was Jesus's Dad
He is honey
And Joseph is too?
Well yes, Jesus had two Dads
Well then whose last name does he use?

At another point in the story, the Angles appear to tell the Shepherds the Saviour has been born
In the story, the Shepherds are scared of the Angels
Mumma, why are the Shepherds scared of the Angels? Aren't they good guys?
They are honey but I think they may have been scared as they had never seen Angels before
Oh, so like I might be scared of something I've never seen before?
That's right - sometimes, people are scared of things when they don't know who or what they are
Can you be scared of something you have seen before Mumma?
Like what?
Well, I've seen snakes before but they still scare me a bit
Oh yeah! I'm scared of warts and pimples and I've been covered in them!

When the three Wise Men appeared, she wanted to know if they were good guys or bad guys
Good guys Lucy
Oh, well if they're such good guys, why did it take them so long to get to Baby Jesus?
Well, they had to travel along way
What, they couldn't just hop on the camels and ride them to Baby Jesus?
And what did they bring him?
Gold, frankincense and myrrh
I don't even know what that is Mumma but it  does not sound to me like anyone brought Baby Jesus cake! Not cool Wise Men, not cool

The last page of the story shows a picture of Baby Jesus as a toddler - who knows why, its a Golden Book
But when we got to that page, Lucy studied it for a minute and asked
How old is Jesus in that picture?
Maybe three or four
And he's dead now?
Yes, he is
How old was he when he died
And why did he die
Well, some people were very upset with him so they hung him on a cross and left him there
What's a cross?
I point to the cross she has hanging on her wall and to the crystal cross on her shelf
Those are crosses I say
And some people hung him on a cross?
Were they bad people?
Well, they were confused people, and a bit scared
Were they scared 'cause they had never seen a Jesus before?
Umm, they were more were scared because of what Jesus was teaching
She processes this for a moment and then asks
Like sometimes how I get scared when Miss Julie teaches us new letters and numbers?
Well, sort of
But Mumma, I would never hang Miss Julie on a cross for what she's teaching....!
I'm sure she'll be relived to hear that Lucy

We talked for a few more minutes about how and why Jesus died when Lucy asks
So Jesus is with God now?
And he's God's son
So when God dies, does Jesus become God?
Well God won't ever die Lucy
What? God won't ever die?
That's right
Because he's already in heaven?
Uhh, yes, partly.....
But if I want to get to heaven I have to die
So when Jesus died, he went to heaven
But God was already there so he does not have to die
That's right
Lucy ponders this for a moment and then declares with a wink of her eye and a double click of her tongue
Huh, so I guess God wins...well played God

Maria the Mum

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