Monday, December 16, 2013

Lucy being Lucy

Lucy is, without a doubt, one of the funniest kids I have ever met

She has a wicked sense of humor
And her facial expressions are, by far, the most emotive I have ever seen
And her wit, oh her is formidable

The thing is, she's not even trying to be witty or funny
She's not trying to illicit a reaction from anyone
She's just being Lucy

And how lucky I am that I am along for the ride with stops along the way like this:

 Lucy was sitting at the table Sunday afternoon having a snack
As she was finishing up, she went to wipe her hands on a napkin when she felt something on her wrist (it was dried glue)
Rubbing over it with her hand she asked loudly in a somewhat exasperated tone
What in tarnation is on my arm?!?!?!

We were at Target poking through the Christmas decorations when Lucy holds one up and while shaking it back and forth, in a somewhat accusatory tone says
What the what?!?! I'm not even sure what this is! Why, why on earth would anyone buy this? I don't even know what it is!
It is at this moment I notice the woman beside us grabbing as many of said ornament as she can find
Lucy realizes it at the same time and sort of tosses the one she has into our cart so no one can see it and motions for me to get out of there
We have a giggle about it as we're walking away when Lucy says with a worried inflection in her tone
Seriously Mumma, we really should tell her to think about her decision, I'm not so sure its a good one

When Lucy and I got home the other night, there was a package in the front door
I scooped it up but not before she was able to make out her name on the label
Its for me Mumma!
It is Lucy
Who sent me something?
Well, it looks like its from Nanny Larraine and Papa Graham
Oh Mumma! How nice! Who are they again
I explain, while we're opening the package, that Larraine and Graham are Uncle John Bennett's Mum and Dad - Hannah and Lauren's Granny and Grandpa
That's so nice of them Mumma
Yes honey, it is
As I am peeling back the layers of brown paper and opening the box, Lucy is getting  more and more excited
Oh, we're almost there Mumma!
Now Lucy you know this is for Christmas so its going right under the tree
How do you know Mumma?
How do I know what?
That its for Christmas
Well honey, what else did you think it would be for?
Oh I don't know - maybe they just wanted me to know they like me

We were playing one day when Lucy directed me to do something
She corrected my execution and form a couple times and told me to keep practicing
A few minutes later, convinced I had mastered the task, I sought her approval
Lucy - how am I doing now?
Lucy looked over, inspected my work and announced with a thumbs up, a wink and a nod of her head
You got it girl!

Yes Lucy
Did you ever wonder why you got me?
What do you mean Lucy?
Like why did you get me and not someone else.... how come you didn't get Jake or Justin or Jake or Katie?
Well, I got you because it was my turn and your turn at the same time and God looked at us and thought well, there's a good match
Oh, ok......
She tilts her face upward deep in thought for a few seconds and says
I wonder what God was thinking when he gave you white and black hair....

Yes Mumma
I've asked you four times now to please get in the bathroom and brush your teeth
I know Mumma
Well, could you do so; I don't want to have to ask you again
Well, maybe you should try saying please - manners Mumma!

On the way home the other night, Lucy and I stopped at the craft store
She found a little black cat Christmas ornament and asked if she could get it
No honey, we have plenty of ornaments
She holds the cat up next to her face and says
But Mumma, look how cute he is! And he is so sad being here all alone (it was they last decoration of its kind)
Lucy, honey, please put it back
She stretches out her arms pushing the cat towards me and in a high pitched goofy voice says 
Meow, meow.... Mumma, please take me home! I am a little kitty who wants to go home with Lucy...meow...please don't leave me here all alone...meow meow
The two women in the aisle looked over and sort of know that obligatory Oh, your kid is so cute smile you get in public
Lucy, come on, please put it back
Meow Meow....please take me home...meow meow...I want to live with Lucy
Lucy Ellen
Meow...please Mumma, let me live with Lucy
Lucy pulls the kitty back and says to me in her normal voice
Mumma! Look how cute he is? How can you say no to that face? And mine?
Lucy please put the decoration back and lets get going
But Mumma
OK fine but how do you think you are making the kitty feel?
By now, the two women in the aisle are sort of watching and chuckling as this exchange occurs
Lucy hangs the ornament back on the hook and says
Sorry kitty, I guess my Mumma's heart is just too small.....she'll probably make me and Daddy take down the tree when we get home....
One lady laughs aloud
Lucy continues to carry on a one sided conversation with said ornament
What's that kitty? You'll pray for my Mumma? That is really kind of you....maybe if you keep praying, we'll come get you tomorrow.....I know you are sad, so am I....and you're scared? Don't be scared...I know you are the last one left but maybe someone else will come along...
Oh my word Lucy....
Head tilted, eyes fluttering and a sad and pathetic Meow meow escapes from her lips
She reaches over and pets the ornament
Meow....Meow Mumma?
Both women are now laughing
Oh Mumma, so sad is the kitty all by himself.....
Deep sigh
Lucy........I love you so much
Put the cat in the cart......
An excited Meow Meow!
Oh Mumma, I knew you'd crack.....and I think your heart just grew!

This evening, I was snuggling with Lucy as she lay in bed
She was sort of half asleep when she says
Mumma, we didn't say prayers
Oh, ok well, go ahead honey
She takes a deep breath and says
In the name of the father, the son, and Casper the Ghost

Maria the Mum

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