Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vegas Baby, Vegas

Lucy is closing in on 5
Her friends started turning 5 in the fall and we've attended a number of birthday parties since September

Most have been a "destination" party (Gym Street, Lazer Craze, Chuck E Cheese, Celebration Kingdom) and have included the whole class

Brilliant really -  for a set price, for a set time, you can invite the whole class and not have to deal with any clean up

And those parties have been great fun

But for the past 4 years, we've kept Lucy's parties pretty small and right at home
6, maybe 8 kids are invited
We do all the decorating (we've transformed the house into the coral reef for the Nemo Party, a Zoo for the animal party and last year, it was a fossil dig for the dinosaur party) and we do all the cooking and baking which of course ties into the theme
People come when they want and leave when they feel like it (one year, we had people at the house well past 6pm from a party that started at 11)

And I may have a little too much fun (and spend a little too much money) putting together the favor bags and the games

But I'll tell you what, it is always worth the time, energy and money just to see how excited the kids get and how much Lucy enjoys it

The more parties we attend, the more Lucy has started talking about hers
And for the first time, she mentioned having her party at a place as opposed to a theme party at home

We don't discourage this idea nor do we encourage it - we just tell her that no matter what kind of party she is thinking about, we want it to be what she wants, not what she thinks her friends will want or like

So last week, we're driving home and Lucy says to me

Jack turned 5 today
I know honey, that's pretty exciting.....
Yeah......he even looks 5
He does, I agree
Are we going to his party?
Yup, on Sunday
Hmmm.....at the bouncy place with the games and tickets?
Yep, its called Lazer Craze, same place Sahit had his party
Yeah, I been there before
You have
Yeah Lucy
I've been thinking about my party
OK, well, what do you think you'd like to do for your party?
Well.....you know I'm gonna be 5
I know
And that's a pretty big bitrthday - I never been 5 before
I know Luce
This is like my biggest birthday yet
That it is....do you know what you want to do for your birthday?
Well, at first I wanted a kitty party....and then I wanted a Frozen party.....
But if I don't not have animals Jake might not like it but Jack and Ryan like Lego's
OK well, what do you want Lucy? What do you think would be fun for your party
I don't know....I thought I wanted a bouncy house party at the bouncy place we been to but I like having a party at my house....

She sort of trailed off while staring out the window

So what do you think you want to do now?

I look in my rear view mirror and Lucy is still just gazing out the window

She doesn't respond so I ask again

What do you think you'd like to do for your birthday this year Lucy?

She meets my eyes in the mirror and says, with a straight and serious face,

I'm thinking Vegas

I almost slammed into the car in front of us


Vegas....I think we should go to Vegas

Lucy....do you even know what Vegas is?

She shrugs her shoulders and turns back toward the window and says offhandedly

I know it has lights, lots of water fountains and tigers....so I say we go to Vegas....you in?

Maria the Mum

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