Friday, April 4, 2014

Out of Africa

A few weeks back, we took a mini vacation - a long weekend to North Conway, NH
We stayed at a hotel which houses an indoor water park - best weekend ever (aside from the fact poor Sean spent most of it in bed sick with a fever!) 

We started the weekend with two hours of tubing on Friday 
Lucy and I must have gone up and down 100 times 
At one point, as we were headed back up for another run down, Lucy turns and looks at me with a huge grin on her face and laughter in her voice and says 

Mumma! I had no idea you and Daddy could be so much fun!

At one point over the weekend, I believe it was while we were bobbing up and down in the wave pool, Lucy  announced 

For our next vacation guys, I think we should go to California, I heard they have a great Zoo
And I think Jake should come with us 'cause he likes animals so much 

California Lucy?

Yeah Mumma, there's a Zoo in San Diego - the San Diego Zoo....what, you've never heard of it?

No, I've heard of it 

Oh OK, then to California we'll go!

Last Friday, Lucy had a dentist appoint
On the way to the appointment, and in an effort to distract her from the fact she was going to have a cavity filled, I started a conversation about vacation 

So Lucy, I wanted to ask you about our next vacation 

Sure Mumma

You want to go to California right?

Weeeellll, I've been thinking I'd rather go to know to see animals in their real habitat not a zoo one....

Oh well, OK, yeah, that makes their real habitat...what's a habitat again? I ask making eye contact with her in the mirror

She cocks her head to one side, pulls her face back in utter disbelief and dare I say disappointment, and with her arms out stretched and flailing, starts her lecture:

Seriously Mumma?!?! You don't know what a habitat is? How did you even get to be a grown up?!?
A habitat is an animal's home - or a plant - they have habitats too - and so do fish 
A habitat is where something or someone lives 'cause its the best place for them and has everything they need


To better illustrate her point, Lucy starts a list and checks off on each finger the following points:

The ocean is a whale's habitat 'cause it has water and krill
The tiger has a habitat in the jungle near water
Cheetahs live in the grasslands so they have room to run
Flowers live in a garden so they have dirt and sun 
Woburn Massachusetts is our habitat 'casue its where our house is and Target and Lisa's Pizza

Right, OK, I get it 

The habitats at the zoo aren't even real - I mean its a good try but its not really real - you can't have the real Africa at the zoo 

No, I don't suppose you can I reply 

So I want to go to Africa so I can see animals where they live...and you know what we should do on the way home Mumma?

On the way home from where?

On the way home from Africa!

What's that Luce?

After we go to Africa, on our way home, we should stop by the Himalayas

Stop by the Himalayas? know, just drop by really quick 

Oh, well of course we should.....for what? 
In my head I'm thinking if she says salt.......I won't even know what to say.....I won't know what to say anyway because who just drops by the Himalayas?!?!
She gets that look again - the one who she cocks her head to the side and pulls her face back in disbelief and disappointment with her arms out stretched and flailing: 

Really Mumma??? 
To see the snow leopards! 
The Himalayas - that's their habitat!!! Seriously, you did not even know that?!?!
And they're endangered.....which if you didn't know, endangered means there aren't very many left - endangered is what happens before you get extinct and extinct means you're all dead
So I want to see them before they all die and there are none left 

Right, OK well, sounds good then....

Can you call Pam and see if Jake can go with us?

Sure, why not?

Well, I guess it's settled then Mumma......I hope they have a hotel with a water park 

Maria the Mum  

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