Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike

When Sean and I lived in Medford, we had bikes
In the summer, after work, we went for bike rides almost every day after work
It was awesome

I called her Schwin Dixie
I had a bell and a horn and tassels

I loved my bike

We moved to Woburn and had no where to store our bikes
We had to get rid of our bikes

I was so sad

For Christmas this year, Sean got me a folding bicycle
That's right, it folds up into its own bag for storage

It is awesome

Here it is

Sure, its a little kooky looking

And yes, picturing a 42 year old woman riding around the neighborhood on it will make you giggle

But it is awesome

The first day I rode my bike, I was a bit wobbly

And ended up kinda sorta falling

I was rounding the bend of Kendal drive a bit too fast and my seat was a bit too low and I hit a patch of sand and started going down

I'm falling I yelled out as I dinged my bell

I was going down and there was nothing I could do

So I just dinged my bell and fell

There was a guy cleaning his yard and he yells out

Kid, hey kid, are you all right

He sort of trotted over to me as I struggled to right myself

You're not a kid he says in disgust

Nope I say with a grin, just getting the feel of my new bike I say enthusiastically

He started muttering and shaking  his head while he walks away from me

I shook the sand out of my pants and continued on my way

I had a blast
Sure, my legs hurt
And yeah, I fell a couple more times...well, not so much fell as I sort of wobbled from side to side before laying my bike down before I all out fell
And yes I was huffing and puffing as I realized how much I had let myself go through the winter

But I had a blast

This past weekend, I went out riding again
This time, I had the seat right where it should be and I was not as wobbly as I was the week before

I biked around our circles for a bit to make sure I had the feel of her

Then I biked back to Kendal Drive to show it who was boss
I lapped it twice before heading home

I went back to our neighborhood  and rode around the two circles for a few minutes

It was at this time I remarked to my husband that I looked like Eliot from ET as I was wearing my red hoodie

It was windy and every so often, the hood would blow up onto my head

All I needed was a milk crate mounted to the front of my handle bars and an alien passenger

Then I decided to hit the open road
I turned right out of our development and headed down Webster
At the end of Webster, I went right
No turning back - there are no safe circles or neighborhoods to bike through when you turn right onto Pearl Street

As I was rounding the bend, getting ready to cross the town line, I heard the familiar rumble of motorcycles

I looked up and saw no less then 10 Harleys headed toward me

Weird place to see a bunch of bikes I thought
But here I am on my bike
There they are on their bikes

I'm doing it I thought.....................

And that's when I did it you guys..........

Yes I did...............................................................

I threw out a left handed low motorcycle wave

And they waved back

I'm totally getting a leather jacket and a nickname

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