Friday, May 1, 2015

A Picture is Worth.....

Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop 

The Prompts:

1. The moment you realized you were a grown up (first time I had to plunge the toilet)

2. What is the joy at your present moment? (my dish soap, thank you Procter and Gamble)

3. You have to move away from your state for one month. List 6 destination you wouldn't mind relocating to (The Coast of Maine, Uncle Michael And Neenie's Lake, Saluda, NC, Savannah, GA,  The Lake District in northern England, The Scottish Highlands)

4. Write a blog post inspired by the word Blossom (remember that show? My sister Melissa looks just like Blossom - I kid you not, even to this day, she looks just like Blossom!)

5. Instagram fun! Share a photo you took with Instagram this week and tell us what you love about it

I choose you number 5

With my own spin of course because I would not be me without taking some poetic licenses

Plus, I have no idea how to use Instagram or if I have one
So I'm just going to share a photo I took with my iPhone
Which I imagine is as close to Instagram as I'll get .... because you know, they both begin with I

So allow me to share a photo I took and tell you what I love about it

Here's the photo I took with the intention of sending it to our families

It's Lucy's homework assignment from Tuesday which, as you can see, was to write and illustrate what she did on her spring vacation 

When I pulled this sheet out of her bag, I immediately smiled

The colors alone made me smile 
And truthfully, Lucy's art work always makes me smile 
Then, as I read what she wrote, tears sprang to my eyes

I was overwhelmed and almost crippled with the love and happiness this little being brings to 
my life

I read it again 
Studied the pictures 
And then tears flowed down my face 

I cried because as we left Noni and Papa's house last week to head back to Boston, Lucy declared it was the best vacation ever 
She couldn't believe Papa was such a good bowler
And that Cousin Cooper was so big and tall
That she got to do yoga with Auntie Cheetie  
She was thrilled she got to go to Auntie Flea's house all by herself
And that Noni went to the movies with us was just us three girls....and Noni ate popcorn and candy with us!!!
And Noni gives her orange juice in a special glass and cuts up her bananas so they taste better 

I called my mother as we were pulling off the highway to let her know we were home
When we hung up, Lucy asked from the back seat 
Hey Mumma?
Yeah honey?
Can we always go back to Maine to see Noni and Papa?
Yes honey, of course
Good Mumma, they make me happy 
Me too Goose, me too 

I cried because her birthday party was so special to her 
She did the guest list and only wanted to invite a few friends
But she also asked that Tony, Rita, Kristen, Auntie Dodo, Uncle Michael and Neenie be invited 

That night, after everyone was gone, she said to me 
Mumma, I don't think I want a lot of friends
What do you mean honey I asked 

I just want friends who love me and hug me when they leave my house
I think those are the best kind and every one hugged us when they left...they even hugged you and Daddy! The kids and the grown ups!
And Mumma

Yes sweetie

You and Daddy made me a really good Pokemon birthday party.....thanks

And I cried because the last picture, of Lucy and her Dad, sitting on the couch watching Star Wars was just.........
For my husband, and for many out there I'm sure, showing Star Wars (the first Star Wars circa 1977-1983 which we know are actually episodes 4, 5, and 6 but for a generation will always be the original Star Wars movies) is like a rite of passage

A rite of passage like 

The first lost tooth 
The first day of school
Having "The Talk" 
Teaching them to drive
Sending them off on their first date
The first heartbreak
Having a drink with them on their 21st birthday 
Graduating college 
Birth of the first grandchild

These are all rites of passage we as parents go through with our kids

And for Sean, sharing Star Wars with Lucy is the one he has been the most excited about 

So together they watched Star Wars and the Empire Strikes back 
Side by side over two days

Lucy asked a million questions and hopped around all excited as characters she has heard her Dad talk about were finally brought to life for her 
Sean patiently paused the movie and answered all Lucy's questions
Eventually, she just fell quiet and watched the movie snuggled up against her Dad 

She's gagging to watch Return of the Jedi 

And both of them dork out and get giddy watching the trailer for The Force Awakens 
Lucy came to the kitchen table where I was sitting 

Mumma can I have a snack please she asked

Sure baby I said sniffling and trying to brush the tears away 

Why are you crying? Why are you crying? 
There was a twinge of panic in her voice 
Was work bad again today Mumma? 
I love you..... 

Oh Luce
I leaned down and hugged her 
No honey, no its not work 
Work was ok 

Why are you crying then 
Why are you so sad

I'm not sad sweetie, I'm, well, I just.....
Lucy do you have any idea how much I love you
How happy you make me

In true fashion, she rolled her eyes and tipped her head back and said with exasperation

Oh Mumma she said as she patted my leg
Are you getting all "don't grow up Lucy, don't be more than 6" 
Mumma I told you, I have to grow up 
That's how God invented us 
We get born 
We're a kid for a few whiles 
Then we're teenagers 
Then we're all grown up 
No one can stop it Mumma, no one.....not even you

And with that, she helped herself to a snack from the refrigerator 
She hugged my legs on her way back by, and said 
I love you!
You're my best Mumma!

And there you have it 
What I love about my Instagram  iPhoto picture is simply The Artist
The Artist known as Lucy 

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