Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is England going to hell?

This past Easter, Sean converted from Church of England to Catholicism

We attended weekly classes in preparation and explained to Lucy the classes were like Sunday School for Daddy so he could learn more about the Catholic beliefs and practices

There was much discussion with her about why Daddy was not born Catholic like she was and could he still be English even if he was not part of their Church any more

Sean received into the Church at the Easter Vigil Mass this past March

Lucy now takes great delight in the fact that Daddy goes up at Communion with us (she of course keeps her arms crossed and is blessed)

She is even more thrilled to think that next year, she'll make her Holy Communion and we can all "eat a piece of Baby Jesus"

Sean going through this process has prompted fantastic, and at times mind blowing, conversations not only in the "classroom" but with Lucy as well

It has also resulted in Lucy asking some very pointed questions about God, about why Jesus had to die and why people argue about which God, whose God, is the best God

In her head, if we all love (a) God, and (our) God loves all of us, we should all be able to love each other (even if, she allows, sometimes we have arguments and fights but we should not be so mean to each other)

Simply put, Lucy submits the following argument:
if you believe in God, no matter which God and no matter what you call him, there is probably only really one God
Otherwise, she reasons, there would be too many Gods in heaven and no one would know who is really in charge

So, her argument concludes, even though we all think we believe in different Gods, the joke is on us because there is really only one God, he just lets everybody call him what they need to call him (notice its needs not wants!)

I think I might just have to agree with her
And then I realize this is how my newly minted seven year old grounds me (us) as much as our beliefs and faith do

Last night, my little religious scholar couldn't sleep
I was up and down with her no less than 7 times

Why can't you sleep I asked

Because, Lucy replied, someone at Project Learn told me something and I can't stop thinking about it and it's making me upset

I pulled her closer and asked what was said

Well, so-and-so told me that Dobby (the house elf from Harry Potter) dies and that a really bad man kills him....and I love Dobby and I don't want that to happen!

I kissed the top of her head to buy a few seconds while I composed my response
I was of course annoyed that so-and-so ruined it for her and I was more focused on responding to that than her actually concern

But she beat me to it

Mumma? Even if Dobby does really die, I just need to know, will he get to go to heaven with God?

Oh Luce....honey...that is not....

She sat upright in bed and interrupted me in that tone which makes me stand at attention

Mumma! she threw her hand down on the bed as if banging on the table top!
Since Dobby is from England and they don't belong to our Church, of Dobby really died, will Dobby get to go to heaven with God and Jesus and Mary and Joseph??? Or will he go to some other heaven?

Does England even have heaven????!!!!!


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