Monday, June 13, 2016


I try not to judge
I really do
I stop short of saying I don't judge because I do - we all do - and if you say you don't, you may not be as honest as you think you are
It's ok to judge - its just what you do with your judgement that sometimes makes it not okay
But that is not my point
My point is, I try not to say much about anything here - only because sometimes, as much as I enjoy this social platform and social media, things are in fact misread.....interpreted in a way you never meant them to be as someone puts their own spin on your words
And it can be hard to defend one's self on social media
I mean if you can't see my eyes rolling, my face contorting or hear me interrupting you as I try harder to make you understand my point, how am I supposed to defend myself?
But again, I digress
My point is, I try not to say too much here about how I feel about certain things
I try not to judge
I try not to beat anyone up for what they may be thinking or feeling in the moment they choose to express themselves in a public forum and hit enter to post
Except for when Jennifer G and Ben split up - that was devastating for me
I was mad at Ben for like a month
And I love Ben, I don't care what anyone says, I love him
And I love Jennifer, I seriously think we'd be great friends
But I love Matt Damon the most
Always have, always will
Refuse to even learn his wife's name because she is far too pretty for me to even make eye contact with
Again, not my point
My point is, when they split up, I used this as an outlet to express my disbelief and my fear that love was dying every where and the Nothing was going to consume all of us just like in The NeverEnding Story
Oh and Netflix, I went off on Netflix last week because of the stress they cause me each month
And for the record, I missed Dude! Where's my Car and now I'll never know if they found it
Usually, I just try to keep it fun for me (and you)
I mean what's funnier than Lucy calling a vagina a javina
Or my mother in a storm trooper helmet
Or when I told you about the time I put on someone else's shoes in the security line at O'Hare
Or when I told you about putting my pants on backwards
Also, I like to share stuff about books and authors and about empowering our young girls (and maybe even some young boys!) into believing that they are worth it and can do whatever they want to do
Ooh and the Royals
I love yakking on about The Royal Family...that Gan Gan just makes me smile!
And I love her hats and her bags
I am also slowly falling in love with the royal family in Sweden but THE Royal Family will always be first in my heart
And sure, I've shared a couple things about Church and Sean's conversion but nothing to evoke public outcry
Although one person did say to me I did not realize your were such a bible thumper
What's that I asked?
Well, it's just that you say fuck a lot so I was surprised you go to Church
Oh, I said, of course! That makes perfect sense....people who say fuck don't believe in God and surely can't go to Church
But again, I digress
My point is, I try not to judge
Which is why I've not said much about about the election cycle that has gripped (and scared the hell out of) this nation
I've been mum on the debate about what color the dress actually was
I've not once chimed in about the killing of Harambe or that ridiculous "sentance" handed down to that little punk Brock (yeah, like when he was named Brock no one saw this coming)
I never said a word about Bruce becoming Caitlyn
Bu this, this I have to chime in on
For no other reason than it is one of those things that makes you shake your head, ask your self what the fuck and then check the calendar to make sure it is not April 1
Look, I love boobs
I think boobs are great
And I am all for boobs and breastfeeding
And I'm okay if you choose to keep your boobs to yourself and not breastfeed
I could care less if you breastfeed in public, or behind a closed door
But I hope you never have to do it in a public restroom because that is just wrong
If you come to our house, we don't care of you nurse your child in our living room and we don't care if you ask to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms for privacy
I think its great that Moms breastfeed because it is in the best interest of their child
And I think there is nothing wrong if you chose not to breastfeed because it is in the best interest of your child
And I get that boobs make some people uncomfortable
I understand that there are some people who don't understand or respect breastfeeding
I'm not bothered by that at all
That's their thing not mine
At the end of the day, I think boobs are awesome
Mine, yours, hers
Boobs rule
Plus the word boobs makes me giggle (so does dink)
But this?
I'm judging
How can I not?
And you know that deep down inside, even though you are a way better person than me, you know you too want to judge just a little....
So go ahead
Shake your head in disbelief and say what the fuck?!?!
Look at the calendar
You'll see it is June 8th, not April Fool's Day
And one last time, if you can't say it, you know because you are a bible thumper, I'll say it for you
What the fuck....

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