Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Phone a Friend

Last night, I chatted on the phone with a Mom friend I've not seen or talked to for over a month for no other reason than we've both been busy and just not able to connect
We had two whole uninterrupted hours on the phone
We talked about our summer and what we've done so far
We talked about upcoming trips we both have planned
Quick run down of the kids, our parents and our spouses
We discussed the upcoming school year
I asked for advice/sought validation as I often do from her
And we may have even gossiped a little
We absolutely both lamented about the loads of laundry (clean and dirty) we had piling up (which by the way my husband folded...what a prince)
Sure, we both had other things we probably should have been doing like laundry or cleaning or emptying the dishwasher or paying bills
But instead, she walked around her block and I paced around the house (because I am the only person in the world who still uses a landline so I can't walk that far) and sat on the back deck counting fireflies and following the lights of the planes in the sky above my head
And yeah, we could have in that amount of time met up for a cup of coffee....but there is something about an impromptu two hour phone call with a friend......
There's something better about an unplanned, meandering, conversation with a friend over the phone than in person
I'm not quite sure what it is or how to articulate it
Its kind of like the difference between a fountain soda and soda from a can
A two hour phone call like that is validating and refreshing and renewing and energizing and fulfilling and organic and fluid and....easy....and I did not have to get dressed as I was already in my PJs
And sometimes, that is just what you need as a Mum, a woman and a friend
So use a life a friend....or a sister or brother...or your Mum or'd be surprised at the good it'll do your soul.....

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