Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Breakfast is served!

From June 23, 2017

We recovered from last night
We made it through the morning with minimal opposition and when Sean left for work he promised he'd put the door back on this weekend
Lucy sat at the kitchen table reading whilst I threw together her lunch and snack 
But then it occurred to me I also had to make breakfast
Nothing was striking her fancy: cereal, toast, scrambled eggs, an apple with cheese....
The clock was ticking
Lucy was lolly gagging and I was quietly getting myself worked up
I took a deep breath and gently prodded her
Last day of school kiddo! We can't be late!
Ok Mum, just surprise me she said sticking her nose back in her book
I threw the refrigerator open again and looked harder
Three minutes later, breakfast was served:
Orange Jello (it was sugar free) with a dollop of whipped cream and a hard boiled egg
And two gummy alligators leftover from her trip to Chutter's Candy Shop (I substituted those for her regular gummy vitamins because I am that cool of a Mum)
I tossed the plate down in front of Lucy and with an exaggerated bow and in my worst French accent wished her Bon Appetit!
Lucy looked at the plate and its contents
Then looked at me
Oui Oui?
Mum?! What is this
Breakfast is served! I said sounding like Meg Ryan mocking Kevin Kline in the underrated, and most quotable, movie French Kiss
Oh Mumma! Is this what happens when children push their parents over the edge?!? We get Jello for breakfast?!?!
This is only the beginning kiddo, only the beginning.....!

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