Wednesday, July 19, 2017

I took the door off the hinges....

From June 22, 2017

The last week has been tough
Lucy has been out of sorts more than I care to admit
Meltdowns, temper tantrums, crying jags and defiance at its best illustrate the past few days at our house
I chalk it up to end of the year angst ... 
It's the last week of school and everyone is just done
We all try to keep it light with Field Day, Ice Cream Socials and a Community Cookout.....
But who are we kidding
We're just all fucking done - mentally, emotionally and physically, we all just need a break
Last night, in a lucid moment, Lucy said her outbursts can be attributed to the fact that she is nervous about third grade
About what we ask
Her response?
Oh for fuck's sake - multiplication?Seriously???
No, we did not say that to her
Instead, we gave her a cash course on multiplication:
Anything x 1 is that number
Anything x 0 is zero
Multiplying by 2s 5s and 10s is like counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s
We did not touch 8s or 9s because they still screw me up,so does 7
Not the point
Point is, we distracted her from being nervous
But don't think for a minute that distracted her from being a twit
Tonight at pick up, she started ramping up
And you know when you know its only going to go downhill from here but you should try to make it go up?
And you know when you know as a parent you should really try to right the sinking ship?
Well, I failed ...
at both ...
It ended with some yelling, stomping and door slamming...lots of door slamming
And no one slams a door like a girl
So in the process of having a fit and falling into it, I took her bedroom door off the hinges
Not one of my finer moments but the door slamming stopped
And then, I see this memory pop up
Look at that little sweet potato pie!
My favorite is the one in the high seat, pony on the top of her head and that goofy open mouth grin/laugh
She still makes that face
I had her in bed by 7:30
She needed it and so did I
She asked me to sit with her for a few minutes
So I did
She grabbed my hand and closed her eyes
A few minutes passed and I heard her muttering something
Luce, what are you saying
I'm doing the Our Father, it helps calm me down and makes me fall asleep
Oh, ok
I was not sure what else to say so I just sat next to her
She fell silent and I gave her little hand a squeeze
She opened one eye and with a little smirk said
Too bad we don't have any Holy Water you could throw on me huh?!
I'll have Sean put the door back on in the morning.....

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