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I’ve noticed, through my trolling, that when bloggers hit their 100th post, they then post a blog “100 Things About Me” (Let me clarify, it may appear that there are 110 posts but Sean actually posted 10 of the said 110)
Not too long ago, I did something similar…it was an exercise I learned in a creative writing class I took where you were challenged to sit down for 60 minutes and write as much as you could about yourself. I took the class back in 1997…....I wish I could find what I wrote back then as it would be interesting to compare it to what I wrote in 2011
Anyway, I was not sure I could come up with another 100 things about myself. Fortunately for all of us, I’m pretty long winded and was in fact able to come up with 100 things
My goal is to over time elaborate on each of the 100 things (and the things from the list I made back in May so really 233 things) If I am ever at a loss for what to write, or Lucy stops being funny and entertaining, at least I’ll have something to fall back on….

1. I have a scar on my right hand that I’m pretty sure came from the time I was in college walking home from M Street with Bridget and Karmin, bumped into a Stop sign and fell
2. I hate crowds
3. I get nervous when I fly – I get so nervous I’m the one in the airport/on the plane trying not to look suspicious thereby looking suspicious but still trying not to look suspicious
4. I’m an over packer (for the record, Sean is worse)
5. When I was in college, I almost dropped out at the end of my Junior year…I’m not sure I’ve ever told anyone that
6. I secretly get jealous when I find out someone I know is pregnant
7. One time, in junior high, I got beat up by this girl…she came to our house and was all like, hey, want to hang out? But when I came outside, she beat me up – to this day, I have no idea why…..and I never told anyone
8. When I was younger, I desperately wanted a cool nickname….never got one, but my siblings did call me Fatso for awhile
9. My Dad used to call me Re-Run or Re-Runny Rose….every once in awhile he’ll use it and it makes me smile…
10. The first time I went to Wrigley Field, I cried……second time I went to Wrigley Field, I met Bill Murray
11. I was an extra in Major League II – it was filmed in Baltimore and I was there with some friends in college – we went by Camden Yards, they were filming, looking for people to sit in the stands, so in we went
12. I met Tommy Lasorda at a bar in St Louis
13. I’m afraid of failing which often prevents me from trying
14. I failed my driving test the first time I took it…..he wanted me to back into a parking spot and I had been practicing parallel parking for a month……unfuckingbelievable
15. I’ve been to traffic school…twice
16. One time, I got locked up in a drunk tank…with a bunch of Marines
17. I’m all about instant gratification – so much so that I’ll read the last chapter of a book before I even get to Chapter 3…..
18. Except for the Harry Potter books. I was never inclined to skip ahead in those books
19. When a new Harry Potter book was released, I would go back and read the whole series before reading the new book…EVERY TIME
20. I have not seen the last Harry Potter movies because I don’t want them to end
21. I started reading the series again so soon, I’ll see the movies
22. I love children’s books and young adult books – I love reading them and I get all excited when my nieces or nephews get into reading because then I have someone to buy them for!
23. Looking back on it, I was pretty naïve when I was a teenager – I had no sense of pop culture, no idea what was cool, what kind of music to listen to…I was totally clueless…people would talk about movies, music, clothing labels…I had no idea what they were referring to…sometimes I still don’t…and could totally care less
24. I may be insecure about who and what I am but I will never change for anyone….I tried that and it just did not work out for me
25. I used to try harder to please other people, not so much anymore. As long as Sean and Lucy are happy, I’m good
26. Sometimes, I’m too nice – yes me! And by that I mean I’ll talk to people, help them out and even when they snub me or offer me no help (or say no when I ask), I’ll still “be there for them”
27. Did I mention I’m passive aggressive?
28. I’m a bit scared of the dark
29. I used to sleep with a light on – until I got married
30. I love a good breakfast – bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, home fries
31. When Sean and I were dating, and even when we were married but before Lucy, we used to go to Zoe’s in Cambridge for breakfast at least 2/3 times a month. We’d get there early with a stack of magazines and sit for hours eating breakfast and reading…..I loved those breakfast dates
32. Zoe’s has, hands down, the best breakfast I’ve ever had
33. I used to smoke Camel Lights…I loved Camel Lights
34. When I lived in Illinois, I had this friend Paul who I worked with and he happened to live next door to me. We both loved baseball and watched the Ken Burns documentary Baseball together. We watched the 1999 All Star Game in Boston together too – I miss Paul
35. When Paul and his wife moved, just to a different part of town, I moped around for like a month – I hated not having them next door anymore…….
36. I missed their wedding because I did not get out of work on time and never told them I was sorry for that – one of my many regrets
37. I’ve never been to Cape Cod
38. I joined Facebook because Sean did; left it once because I got depressed I had so few friends and saw all these people on the periphery I knew but was scared to send a request to for fear they’d reject me…got back on so I could watch the Royal Wedding with Cousin De and sister Teresa ..left again because someone was snooping on me and frankly, she was bugging me…so I deactivated, edited my friend list and just got back on because I’ve decided to become a professional blogger and FB is the best way to get my blog out there
39. I went to Paris when I was in high school – hated the city but loved all the churches and the Louvre and the Rodin museum
40. When I was in Paris, Jen, my brother’s girlfriend at the time, and I got really really drunk on rum…so drunk that the next day, I threw up…while we were touring Versailles
41. I know nothing about art but I know what I like and I appreciate it
42. I know nothing about music – except what I like to hear
43. I have no rhythm and can’t dance…but that does not stop me
44. Can’t sing for shit either….except in the car or the shower….does not stop me
45. And I don’t care what anyone thinks about my singing or dancing (at least that’s what I tell myself)
46. Funny, when I was younger, I really didn’t care what anyone thought or how stupid I looked dancing or singing – I did it and I had fun!!! Course I was also drunk……..
47. There’s a whole lot I don’t remember about my 20’s
48. What I do remember makes me laugh
49. Annette and Brandon are two people who will always be important in my life…no matter when I last saw or spoke to them, if I called them, they would totally drive the Bronco out of town for me…
50. Annette and Brandon were guilty participants in my 20’s!
51. In 1999, I was the victim of identity fraud…a “friend” who was watching my house for me while I traveled opened up a bunch of credit cards in my name using the offers that came in the mail…..she racked up $100,000+ in credit card charges……we’re not friends anymore
52. That incident preceded what felt like was the worst year of my life
53. I can’t tie a square knot and I have a couple sister who take great delight in that – that is they take great pleasure in ridiculing me for it (and not in a fun, hahaha way) …apparently the ability to tie a square knot is very important in determining your lot in life
54. I quit smoking cold turkey…..I had serious DTs and was a raving lunatic for three days
55. I can spend hours looking up recipes, studying how something is made or a cake is decorated and in my head, have grand plans to cook the meal and bake the cake….and then never do it
56. I hate roller coasters and I hate ferris wheels, they both terrify me
57. I’m scared of heights
58. And snakes
59. And death
60. I have terrible handwriting, looks like that of a 12 year old boy
61. And I never mastered cursive writing, that too looks like it was done by the hand of a 12 year old boy….ok, probably a 10 year old boy
62. I’m not a big fan of company Christmas parties or forced fun events….I always feel socially awkward and find myself standing off to the side shaking my head at the behavior of certain people….makes me look like a bitch….
63. Sometimes, I feel the same way at family functions – and I love my family so what does that tell you about me?
64. Clearly, I’m insecure
65. Sometimes, my mind goes faster than my fingers can type or my hands can write
66. I just tried to write the alphabet in cursive…I can’t remember how to make the capital G
67. When writing (and by that we now know I mean typing), I ALWAYS type the as teh….ALWAYS
68. One of my favorite memories as a kid is clipping coupons with my mother and then going to the grocery store with her
69. We had this family friend named Michelle who used to babysit us; I totally wanted to be her when I grew up….…I’m so not
70. One of my other favorite memories is Christmas Eve
71. And donut balls – my mother used to make homemade donut balls on the weekend…way better than Munchkins
72. I have fond memories of coming down to the Boston area (Revere specifically) to visit my mother’s aunts and uncles as a kid…..probably because they didn’t yell at anyone like Grammy did
73. My maternal grandparents did not speak to me for like 5 years because of some stupid family fight. When I was welcomed into their home again, my grandmother had dementia and had no idea who I was…..I was angry at her when she died because of that….Aunt Nell made it better though…..
74. I still miss Aunt Nell who passed in March of 2010
75. Aunt Nell used to write letters – like long 5-10 page letters! I’ve saved most of the ones she sent me…I saved all the cards she ever sent me too
76. I hate shopping for myself but love shopping for other people
77. I don’t have OCD (as I could care less about how my towels are folded or if there is a stack of magazines somewhere they should not be) but I can be obsessive about things…like the Royal Wedding or a TV show or a news story that catches my eye
78. I wish I prayed more
79. I don’t have many friends but the friends I have, I would do anything for
80. As much as I joke about not having a lot of friends, it does not bother me as much as it probably should
81. I do, however, have a lot of acquaintances and I like them just fine
82. I don’t have as high of a rate of disclosure as people think I do – I may tell you stuff, but rarely will I tell you anything of substance
83. Juts had a flash back to my 20’s – it involved Karaoke, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, Capt and Coke and drinking my shots on one swift pull….I miss my 20’s
84. No I don’t….I appreciate my 20’s and am totally loving my 30's
85. But have to admit, not looking forward to 40
86. I’m happy with one child – and I’m not so sure why people and society are hell bent on making me feel guilty for having “only one” Maybe I will have another baby, but is that something that is really of anyone’s concern except mine and Sean’s?
87. And am I less of a woman, less of a mother if Lucy is in fact my only child? I don’t think so….besides God works in mysterious ways….the world better be careful or I could reproduce twins! And we all know twins freak me out so then where would we be?!?!
88. I never dreamed about my wedding – but I always dreamed about being a wife and a mother
89. I don’t wear makeup – I’ve tried a few times but because I have no idea what I’m doing, I always end up looking like a whore on pay day
90. I had this friend in College, her name was Mrs. C, she was the receptionist in the Residence Hall I lived in…..she was in her 60s when I met her…..she used to tell me I was an old soul and that someday, it would all make sense….I’m still waiting Joan! I’m still waiting!
91. But I will admit, it makes more sense now than it did then
92. She also introduced me to Paul Harvey and Talk Radio
93. I moved to Massachusetts in 2000….I always thought by now, by the time I was this age and married with a child, that I’d be back living in Maine…..a part of me is disappointed by that, but a part of me can’t imagine going back there and living…..
94. Though I grew up in Maine, I don’t have the connection to it my brother and sisters do…I’m somewhat envious of that…..but I still call Maine home…I guess because that’s where Mum and Dad are….and that seems to be where all our hearts are
95. Which begs the question – where should I be buried (see how I make crazy jumps?!)?
96. Which means I should probably consider cremation
97. Spaghetti and meatballs with nice bread may be one of my favorite meals
98. Since I moved to MA, I have lived in two towns – and in both towns, I have lived right on the border. When I lived in Medford, if you went to the top of my street and turned right, you’d be in Malden in ¼ of a mile. If you went left and straight for ½ mile, you were in Somerville. If you went left and then left again, in ½ mile you were in Everett. We’re in Woburn now and if you leave our house and go right for ½ mile, you’re in Wilmington, if you go left for not even ½ mile you’re in Burlington. I think that says something about me….I’m not sure what but I’m pretty sure it says something
99. Meeting Sean is one of the best things that has ever happened to me…..I love him so much that sometimes it makes my head hurt!
100. And I love Lucy so much that sometimes it makes me cry….I love both of them so much I am often times rendered speechless….no easy feat I might add….

Maria, the Mum

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