Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lucy did not eat Elmo

When Lucy takes her shoe or sock off, she holds it up to her nose and declares "Peee-eeeewww" while wrinkling her nose

Lucy does not like being on the changing table. Sometimes, it takes both of us to hold her down to get her changed or dressed...amazing how strong a little being is. Sometimes, we're able to occupy her with a Lego or her tennis ball....but a book works best, Pat the Bunny specifically. Although at the moment, she is totally into the Sandra Boynton books Aunt Nell gave her. So she lays there looking at her book as if she's studying for an exam....makes me laugh watching her stare so intently at whats on the page. She's really quite serous about her books...until they make her laugh...and then she just  giggles uncontrollably

Last night, Lucy was copying everything Sean did. It started when he interlocked his hands behind his head, Lucy did it. Then he had his hands on top of his head, Lucy followed, Then he realized what she was doing so he started making all kinds of kooky gestures (no, nothing obscene, it was Sean not me) and Lucy kept copying him and giggling....really quite endearing

After said miming session, I was standing in the refrigerator looking for something (I think it was carrots for the salad) My hand was hanging down at my side and Lucy walked over and bit my finger - hard! No reason, just bit it and kept moving....

Aunt Teresa and Gina have been staying with is this week. Last night, Aunt Teresa thoughtfully stopped at the store and picked up an early birthday cake for me and also picked up a cupcake for Lucy. The cupcake is decorated to look like Elmo - but only his face. We're all excited to give Lucy the cupcake thinking she'll go bonkers because after all, it is Elmo. We're poised with our cameras ready to catch any cuteness that may ensue and Aunt Teresa presents the Elmo cupcake to Lucy.......waiting for whoops of joy, our fingers hover over the take the picture button......but there is no joy...instead, Lucy takes a couple steps back and tries to hide between my legs....she looks all bewildered and like she's trying to work out in her head what the hell happened to Elmo's body...and why does everyone want me to eat Elmo?!?!? It took a bit of work, and a whole lot of reassuring but Lucy finally reached out and dipped her pudgy little finger into Elmo's head, had a lick of frosting and was good. So she did not eat Elmo and we did not make her eat Elmo...I can't promise I won't eat Elmo but he is home on the counter waiting for her (this morning, she did wave at him when she saw the container and declared Elmo!)

When I was in grade school, we had this substitute teacher called Mrs Swett, she was the best! She played the accordion and taught us all these fantastic songs many of which I remember the words too - and I've started singing them to Lucy.
There is one called Alice the camel - it goes like this:

Alice the camel has 5 humps,
Alice the camel has 5 humps,
Alice the camel has 5 humps,
Go Alice Go,
Boom Boom Boom (at which point you tuck your arms into your body at the elbow like a chicken and shake your bum)

And it goes down to 4, then 3, then 2, then 1, then it ends with

Alice the camel has no humps,
Alice the camel has no humps,
Alice the camel has no humps,
'Cause Alice is a horse!

Now when you sing this, you use your hand to signal the number of humps everytime you say the number.

As soon as I start singing the song, Lucy holds up her 5 fingers! She has not figured out 4,3,2,1, none yet but when I get to the end ('cause Alice is a horse), she laughs like the little monkey she is - and when I do Boom, Boom, Boom, she shakes her head from side to side

_________(Fill in the Blank), the Mum

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