Sunday, August 1, 2010

Now Daddy is Elmo.....Elmo is still Elmo....

I opened the dryer tonight to pull out the clean dry clothes and out fell an acorn, two twigs and a three rocks

Whenever Lucy does something or likes something, Sean immediately pipes up, she takes after me
For example:
Lucy loves cheese, eats it like a little mouse; Sean fancies himself a cheese (and wine) aficionado, so  she takes after Sean
Lucy loves being in the water, swimming, floating and splashing around; Sean fancies himself a strong swimmer and a land locked sailor so Lucy takes after him.
Lucy enjoys her ice cream, looks forward to it as its a treat; Sean loves ice cream (old lady flavors which I can say because two of his favorites are just what my grandmother always ordered), so Lucy takes after him.
The other day, Lucy was being defiant, would not do what we were telling her to do; Sean looks at me and in all seriousness says, She gets that from you

For a weekend, Lucy was calling me bubble....then she was calling me Elmo
Until Daddy bought a red shirt with two big white eyes, a huge orange nose and a big old black mouth stretched out into a grin - that's right, an Elmo T she calls him Daddy and Elmo. She just looks at me and laughs......

A few weeks ago, we bought these kick ass hammocks from REI. They are nylon and have these slap straps that go around the trees (which by the way are tree friendly, now how many Catholic Conservatives do you know that are tree friendly AND like folk music but still vote party line?) So yesterday, we set up the hammocks. Sean was in one, Lucy and I (along with a bag of Goldfish and a handful of acorns) were in the other. For the first half hour, Lucy was chattering away, looking ar her books and wiggling about...then she fell asleep; within minutes, Sean and I fell asleep.....we woke up an hour and a half later.....great nap.

Lucy now says monkey...and she has a whole list of animal sounds she makes including an elephant........and unlike me, she does not need to use her arm as a trunk to make the elephant sound.....

Maria, Bubble, Elmo, No name, the Mum

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