Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lucy has more friends than us.....

Circle of Life
I let Lucy watch TV, and I'm not going to apologize for it.
Sometimes its the news, the baseball game and occasionally, Housewives of New Jersey.
Mostly, its PBS, Nick or The Animal Planet.

When I flip on Animal Planet, I try to watch a few seconds to make sure its nothing she should not be know like something killing something. I know its the circle of life and all but shouldn't I show her The Lion King or Bambi first?

Anyway, we come home one night and I flip on the TV while Lucy has her appetizer (cheese and crackers) in her high seat as I prepare her dinner (and by prepare, I mean the 3 minutes and 30 seconds it takes to boil the water for her Easy Mac) I flip to Animal Planet, and see cheetahs just sort of roaming around......and then I hear a voice tracking their movements:

"The mother cheetah is watching from a distance as the cubs are them some space, letting them test their limits.....look at those little guys....."

As I'm hearing this voice it cuts to a shot of a warden talking about the big cats and I figure oh, harmless, it's a show being filmed in some Game Park in Africa being narrated by the Game Wardens.

So Lucy and I watch for a few minutes and all that's happening is the Wardens are following around this family of cheetahs that just had babies talking about how well the babies are doing and adapting.

The microwave goes off and I walk away to mix the Easy Mac.
Then I hear Warden Steve say

"Oh, the wildebeest are crossing right in front of her......Wait! I think she sees him....oh now he's running......and she's chasing.....she's getting close...."

I look over at Lucy who is watching the TV with rapt attention and move quickly to see what's on the screen. I look up in time to see the cheetah tackle the wildebeest and Steve declares


My first thought was Lucy is going to be traumatized...she loves animals so much and she has just  witnessed one killing another....
But Lucy was not traumatized;
When the cheetah caught the wildebeest, Lucy let out a whoop and started clapping.......

The horse neighed at us
For her Number 1 Birthday, Lucy got a Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set, she loves plays music and you can mix and match the animal parts and when you press on it, it either sings to you or makes the animal sounds...really a great gift/toy.

But here's the thing: sometimes it just makes random noises. It may be an animal sound, a couple notes of one of the'll be standing there, washing the dishes minding your own business when all of a sudden, a duck start quacking...or a pig oinks or a sheep baas, a cow moos or a couple bars of She'll be coming 'round the mountain plays....

When this happens and Lucy is downstairs but not playing with it, she'll barrel into the kitchen to see who is playing with her Barn.....and her arms are always poised as if to push someone out of the way if they are playing with her Barn...maybe she is a bully....

Ben, Chase, Cora, Calla, Aubrey, Ave, Jay, Catherine.....
Sean and I realized tonight that Lucy has more friends than us...ouch.
We started ticking off all the kids at Puddle Duck she hangs with and realized by the time we got to Catherine, Lucy has more friends than us.......

Lucy ate Elmo last night

My high school reunion is this weekend and I'm not attending but for some reason, I am oddly obsessed by it. I have no idea who is going  or how many people or going but I am completely obsessed with it and in a weird way, want to go......which I don't get because I don't even keep in touch with anyone from High School......and I'm not even sure that I ever wanted to go, I'm just curious about it.

I blame Facebook because I keep getting all these friend suggestion of people I went to high school with and grew up with in Orrington (which I think I get because my sisters are friends with some of these people who are friends with other people, and so on and so on)

And then I randomly reconnected with the mother of an old classmate (she's one of those mums you totally wanted to be like when you grew up but deep down inside knew you would never be cool enough to pull it off) and she keeps in touch with a few people I grew up with so my fascination grew.....

I suppose I think by not going I'm going to miss out on something...kind of like the nagging feeling I have that I missed out on something great in high school......but then somewhere between (remembering) Junior and Senior year, I get over it.....

She has 10 more days
Lucy still is not saying Mummy, Mum, Ma, Mom, Mother
She makes a noise that could probably pass for mama...but she does not associate it with me at all

Lucy loves her belly. She pats it, rubs it, slaps it any chance she gets...and will gladly pull her shirt up so you can see it. She is also quite enamored with Daddy's belly...and will pat, rub and slap it any chance she gets. But the funniest is when she sticks her finger in his belly button and says "beeeeeppp"

The Mum

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