Tuesday, November 29, 2011

He's a Keeper

Sean walked in the door about 15 minutes ago.
Lucy met him at the door and asked sweetly

Daddy, will you help me find my lipstick and Silly Putty?
Of course I will honey...

So for 13 minutes, Sean has been looking under the couch, under the chairs,, under cushions, in shoes, in the toys bins but has not been able to find either item

Lucy, in the meantime, was called to the table for dinner by me.
As she was chomping her dinner, Sean announced he was headed upstairs to look for the missing toy items

Where Daddy going? Lucy asked as she caught sight of him heading up the stairs
He's going up to look for your lipstick and Silly Putty
He's a good Daddy isn't he? I asked Lucy

Yeah Mama....I'll keep him.....I don't need a new Daddy....

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