Thursday, April 19, 2012

Birthday #1 and #2....#3 to follow.....

We just had Lucy's party for birthday #3 - and though I gave a quick nod to it in yesterday's post, I have yet to post any pictures of it (which I will)

Today, I was looking for something on my computer and found pictures from birthday #2 I never posted....and birthday #1....

So just for fun..............

Birthday #1, 2010, party in Maine with family and family friends

One of my favorite pictures ever!

So done at this point......

Below is birthday #2, 2010
Lucy wanted a Nemo party and by the time we were done, it looked like an Enchantment Under the Sea themed prom! But oh how much fun we had.....

There were blue and white streamers hanging from the ceiling (waves)
Jelly fish (made by me) in the corner to represent the scene when Dory and Nemo get caught in the
Jellies (notice Dory on top of the jellies?)
White, blue and clear balloons on the floor for bubbles
Beach balls with fish inside them,
Fish hanging from the ceiling and fan
And various cutout sea creatures hanging on the walls at kid level

Over the top?
But given the smile it put on Lucy's face and the giggles and smiles from her friends...well, if that is how they react, I'll be as over the top as possible!

This is Lucy taking a break from the party....watching the Red Sox game.....

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