Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Somebody said 'Hindsight's a wonderful thing'

Well I have my own saying:

'Hindsight Sucks!'

Back in 1994 Apple stock was trading at around $10 per share. Apple seemed like they were in the toilet but I flirted with the idea of buying some stock at the time (I may have just watched 'Wall Street' and fancied myself as a young Gordon Gecko). In the end I was scared they were going to go bust – I even went out and bought a PC cos I thought I should learn how to use one as I was convinced that I would be working on one within a year. I also wanted to get about 100 shares and didn't have a spare grand lying around, renting a single bedroom in Northern England as I was at the time.

So I read the above and pondered 'What would my $1000 investment be worth now?'
Apple closed at just over $629 today. My $1000 would be worth $629,000.
In 2014 they theoretically would be worth $100,000.

As I said:

'Hindsight Sucks!'

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