Thursday, August 30, 2012


You know how husbands are always accused of not listening?

I used to defend those husbands because let's face it, sometimes we wives can be a pain in the ass...and we nag....we can't help it, it's in our DNA

Sadly, I now have proof husbands don't listen and gentlemen, I can no longer defend you

Conversation I had with my husband:

We were in the car leaving for Church a couple Sundays ago when I said

That white car has been parked there for a few days now....I wonder who it belongs to, who they are here visiting....?
Said as I was pointing the visitor's parking area in front of us as we pulled out of our parking spot

I made this observation because
1. I'm nosey
2. I had not seen anyone go near the car for days
3. I was curious/concerned about there being a strange/foreign car being parked in our little haven called home (and I have an over active imagination)
and 4. Sean is on the Board and takes his role pretty seriously

Sean's response:

Which car?
That green one?
Said as he was pointing to a car in front Miranda's house which is no where near (read across the circle from) the visitor's parking area

Maria the Mum

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